Enjoying a cup of Ban Me coffee

Enjoying a cup of Ban Me coffee

The coffee trees were imported to Viet Nam around 1870 but were popularized after 1930 and at French’s Farms. The coffee trees were suitable with Bazal soil that’s why this industry was growing by the time.

Daklak nowadays covers by around 200,000 hectares of coffee and became the best supplier for this industry in Viet Nam. Invited for a cup of coffee is a feature of culture of people in Daklak.

There are many coffee shops in Ban Ma Thuot, each of them has a different feature but the most impressive should be the one of Trung Nguyen Coffee Company.

The Buon Ma Thuot Coffee Festival in Daklak was one of the biggest festivals in the highlands. It was started on 2005 to honor the role of coffee tree which brings the prosperously for people in Daklak. The festival also was as an advertisement about Vietnamese coffee to the worldwide markets.

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