Vung Tau

Vung Tau is a city in Southern Vietnamis 125 km from Ho Chi Minh City, close enough for weekend trips for city dwellers as well as international travellers.It is situated on a peninsula and first became important for trading in the 14th Century. Europeans were regular visitors, primarily the Portuguese and the French who ultimately took over in the 19th. The French governor of Indochina, Paul Doumer, a future President of France built a mansion in Vũng Tàu which remains a prominent landmark.

It was a base for the Australian Army and American support units, and a place for relaxation during the Vietnam War. If you are considering a honeymoon in Vietnam then Vung Tau may be an option. Our Vung Tau travel guide seeks to explain why.

How to get there
The relative proximity of Ho Chi Minh City means that Vung Tau is relatively easy to access by road and rail. There are direct bus services from both the Hi Chi Minh City and its airport. The road is good and the journey takes little more than an hour and a half. Vietnam family tours will make all the necessary arrangements.

Recently a hydrofoil service has been introduced.

Best time to visit
Vũng Tàu has just two seasons in the year and Vietnam travel takes place all year round:

• The Dry season runs from November to April with temperatures slightly lower until they rise in April.
• Rainy season is May to October with early afternoon being the hottest part of the day.

vung tau travel guide

Things to see and do
There are several nice beaches for those wanting to swim while active people may also enjoy walking along many of the hiking trails in the nearby mountains. Vietnam tour packages will look to include much of this.

• Vũng Tàu Lighthouse sits on Small Mountain. It dates back to 1907 but was moved to its current location four years later. It can be seen 35 miles out to sea.
• 4 old French cannons each about 10m long and several tons in weight used to defend the region from naval attacks.
• Legend has it that Thắng Tam Temple was built during the Minh Mạng dynasty for the worship by three men who set up the 3 villages of Thắng. The architecture is interesting; the Tam Quan gate, the sanctum and the public commune.
• A Whale tomb is nearby; a set of whale bones from 100 years ago.
• Ngũ Hành Temple represents the elements of metal, wood, water, fire and the earth.
• Đài Liệt Sĩ (Martyr's Memorial) is a stone obelisk on a hill-top, located towards the sea
• The 28 metre Statue of Jesus Christ with outstretched arms is on the summit of Small Mountain. There is an internal spiral staircase to the shoulder height where there are two balconies.

There is a good variety of accommodation in Vung Tau. At the top end there is luxury with great sea views. There are plenty of guesthouses for those on a budget as well as mid-range hotels. Vietnam travel packages will include appropriate accommodation. Our Vung Tau travel guide has hopefully provided you with enough to get you thinking.

Vung Tau map