Binh Chau Hot Springs in Vietnam tour in Vung Tau

Binh Chau Hot Springs in Vietnam tour in Vung Tau

Binh Chau Hot Springs is an area of roughly 35 hectares and home to the Binh Chau Hot Springs Resort. The hot springs are about 60 kilometers away from Vung Tau and 134 kilometers away from Ho Chi Minh City, which makes for a three hour drive.
Soak in the Hot Springs of Binh Chau

Their main attraction is the great outdoor pool, fed by the hot springs of the area. The temperature is around 37°C and it is said that the water with its high content of minerals is beneficial to bones and skin tissue. Soaking in the warm water improves the blood circulation, relaxes the muscles and soothes the nerves.

Pool admission: 150,000 VND

Mud bath: 400,000 VND
Boil Eggs in the Hot Water

The hottest of the springs in Binh Chau reaches 82°C. The spring is decorated with oversized chicken statues and set aside the pool are bamboo baskets where you can boil the eggs that are sold on site.
Feed the Green Monsters

You can feed crocodiles with intestines on a string, knotted to a bamboo “fishing rod”. A fun thing to do in Binh Cau, Vung Tau. If you don’t want to travel that far, you can do the same thing in Ho Chi Minh City’s Suoi Tien Park.
Eat, Drink, Stay

You will need at least one day at Binh Chau Hot Springs in Vung Tau. There are many bars and restaurants around, and several hotels in the area are more than ready to accommodate you.

Binh Chau is more than just a spa getaway. There are tennis courts, a water park, a golf practice range and a playground for children.

If you stay at the Binh Chau Hot Springs Resort, entrance to the pool is free. The better rooms and bungalows even include fancy options like free mud baths and free eggs. Now, if that ain’t a great deal!