Hoi An Ancient Town

Hoi An Ancient Town

Hoi An Ancient Town is located on the heritage road of Central Vietnam, in Quang Ngai Province. It is always a must-see destination for every Vietnam tour package that attracts and draws a lot of domestic and foreign tourists for their discovery and expedition. With its situation in the coastal tropical region, its yearly average temperature is 25 degree and its climate is separated into 2 seasons with dry season from February to July and rainy season from September to December. Especially, from December until March, the average temperature fluctuates around 18 – 21 degree C and the humidity reaches 80 – 90%.

Hoi An Ancient Town was formed in 16th – 17th century and became one of the busiest commercial port in the central of Vietnam with regular trading activities with many countries. From that time, Hoi An also became the cultural crossroad and was influenced much by Western, Japanese and Chinese. Until now, Hoi An is always well-known for its oldest urban architecture complex as well as its well-preserved ancient style. Travelers can see the evidence of mixed architecture by visiting to the ancient houses, communal houses, temples, pagodas and Japanese bridge, etc. Those buildings are in a combination of complicated but neatly-lined roads and streets which were planned in chess square – a model of urban commercial town in Eastern countries in the middle age.

In addition to its ancient streets, Hoi An has been featured by its peaceful landscapes, beautiful beaches, natural islands and traditional cuisines. Each of the streets and corners in Hoi An maintain many historical and cultural values, as well as spiritual colors reflecting the rich material and spiritual life of Hoi An ancient residents.

Hoi An is also deserved to be one of the best places to travel in Vietnam as tourists really love the characteristics of Hoi An people that have been famous such as hospitality, modesty and simplicity. Thanks to its early contact to various civilizations and cultures. Hoi An inhabitants have owned peculiar features in their way of living both as calm and thoughtful as the Eastern and polite elegant as the Western.

Finally, there are various activities that you can add on your Hoi An tours. You can visit to ancient buildings, nearby handicraft villages, relax at beach or bike to countryside villages.