6 National Holidays in Vietnam in 2021


According to statistics of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, there are 7,966 festivals in the country. As Calculated on average, each day takes place about 22 festivals and every hour, in Vietnam, there is a festival held. However, there are only 6 national holidays in Vietnam for people to enjoy a day or few days off from work.

1. Calender Tet -  01 Jan 2021
A day off and people spend their time going out. Some come back to see family in the countryside, some enjoy year-end party, some others take family to tourist places.

2. Tet Holiday or Lunar New Year - 12 - 17 Feb 2021
Tradionally, this is family reunion. People come home to decorate the houses, buy flowers, cakes, candies, jams, wine, beer and prepare a lot of good food to enjoy. When Tet comes, it is time to visit each other and exchange best wishes.

Nowadays, many family choose to travel within Vietnam or aboard.

Should i travel to Vietnam during Tet?
No, it is quiet in Vietnam during Tet. People close shops, restaurants and some tourist sites also close.

If you want to see how is Tet, it is better to ask your travel advisor to stay with a local family or travel to Vietnam 1 or 2 weeks before Tet to see the interesting preparation for this most important Vietnam holiday.

Traveling in Vietnam during Tet is also not recommended because we have to pay extra for the tour guide and driver. The domestic flights are also higher than normal.

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3. The death anniversary of Hung Vuong's King - 21 April 2021. (10 Mar 2020 in lunar month)
Vietnamese believe that we are the children and grandchildren of Hung Kings. A day off for everyone. Some go on a pilgrimage to Hung Kings's temple in Phu Tho province - The north of Vietnam. Some stay at home and cook great food to offer to Hung Kings and ancestors.

More information:
The death anniversary of Hung Vuong's King has been an official holiday in Vietnam since 2007, defined as the 10th day of the third lunar month.

This holiday is dedicated to the merits of the Hung Kings who ruled Vietnam for more than 2,500 years until about 250 BC. In Vietnam, the Hùng kings were considered as the people who had contributed to building the country.

The death anniversary of the Hung Kings death anniversary began two days before the official holiday, that is, on the 8th of March, and the festival activities continue until the eleventh day, which is the day after the main holiday. The main festival activities are centered around Hung Temple in Tich village. The tenth day of March, the third day of this festival, is the official death anniversary with a lot of activities.

4. Vietnam Liberation Day - 30 April 2021
This is the day when the Vietnam war ended. The government normally organise a lot of activities to pay homemage to the martyr war soldiers and thank the war veterans. This is the time to be proud of living in a country of peace.

5. International Labor Day - 01 May 2021
This national holiday in Vietnam comes just after liberation day that makes two days off and people have many options. To travel or spend leisure time at home eating and drinking.

6. Independence Day - 02 September 2021
It is called "Independence Tet". This has been a big day since Ho Chi Minh delcared the independance on 02 September 1945. Streets are decorated with national flags. Fireworks can be seen in big cities like Hanoi, Danang and Ho Chi Minh City.