Money Guide To Vietnam


So, you no longer want to dwell in fantasies; you want to experience the reality - the complexity of languages of Hill-tribe villages and vibrant megacities and staggering natural beauty. The fact is: Vietnam is compelling and exotic; unforgettable experiences await you!

Since you've ticked Vietnam as your destination for the next holiday, preparation is essential. Anticipation about where you will lodge, visitations to markets and supermarkets, tour within the country, and other miscellaneous are a must-know ahead of your trip to Vietnam. But how do you get them prepared?

A well-detailed money guide is the most realistic way to make an advance, substantiated, and sound preparation. Anything void of that is a big sham! You'd want to turn a beggar in a strange place? I'm keen on arming you with updated, essential and fundamental concept about money - all about money guide in Vietnam!

This article will move great length to discuss the currency to use in Vietnam, if there are ATM, how much cash to take? The right way of bargaining, how to save money, if dollars are acceptable, if it's safe to use a credit card, how to spend money wisely, and the cost of living. No doubt you'd immensely benefit, and with this information, you are all set!

Before I talk exclusively on the money guide to Vietnam, Vietnam travel, Vietnam travel packages, and Vietnam visa are outstanding services. After that, we'll look comprehensively into the money guide aspect.

money guide to travelling in vietnam

Vietnam Travel
There are plenty of things to talk about in Vietnam. It's common for travelers to keep their Gaze at the surreal seascape of limestone Island just right from Halong Bay. You can enjoy the startling 10 minutes to cross the street in Hanoi via a tsunami of a motorbike. You've got to sight the world's spectacular and recognized caves. About three categories where you can immerse yourself in the depth of pleasure are history and culture, the culinary, and thrilling and chilling moments. A brief touch, right?

•    History And Culture
There are profound lessons engrave in the history of Vietnam, plus the complexity and diversity of culture. Undoubtedly, the history and culture is something you should peer into. The country's labyrinthine reflects the indigenous crafts and old mercantile influences. You can trace down the line to Chinese authorities and Hindu both in the southern and northern due to the presence of ancient temples. Amazing skylines, the boulevard, grand state building, and numerous luxury hotels are a must-see.

•    Culinary Super Level
In South Asia, when it comes to food, nothing moves close to Vietnam. It's diverse, and credits go to the flavor. Vietnamese food cooking concept is fascinating; sure you'd be amazed to see. The herbs and sophisticated techniques of cooking. Sample local dishes, and in the regional market, enjoy the sip of rice wine.

•    Thrills And Chills.
All on bills (more will be said on this though). Wants the thrills and chills, Vietnam has it. From motorbike you can see the impressive city buildings to kitesurfing the tropical ocean to hiking the evergreen hills. That adrenaline is a must-have at Vietnam.

There is more about the travel packages that let you enjoy this fundamental aspects- culture and history, culinary, and thrills and chills.

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Vietnam Travel Packages
Whether you are cut in for family vacation, solo Vietnam travel, custom travel, customer tour, romantic vacation, there are excellent travel packages opened to your choice of Vietnam's tour. Some of the best Vietnam travel packages are mentioned below.

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Interestingly, it should be noted that Vietnam visa guide is of two categories; Business visa application requirements, tourist application requirements, presumably, you'd need to know the requirements for tourist application requirements. Here we go!

apply vietnam visa

Vietnam Visa Tourist Application Requirements
The Passports. You will be required to provide your duly signed passport and one copy of the personal information page of your passport. Additionally, your passport:

•    For the next six months, your passport must be valid.
•    Required to have at least a blank visa page
•    Shouldn't be torn, frayed, separating or altered in any way.

What if your passport doesn't meet up with these requirements? You should contact Vivutravel for further details.

Photographs Requirement. The photographs to be provided must be of one color. The passport-form photographs should also meet these requirements:

•    Must be snapped within the last six months and should be on high-quality photo paper
•    The background should be white
•    The size should be two inches by two inches.
•    Your frontal view of your head must be full, and your face must be at the center. With a neutral and non-smiling expression.
•    For religious purposes, you may wear eyeglasses or headgear.
•    Your photo must not be affixed to your application.

If you meet up with these requirements, you are almost done. It's time we discuss the money guide in Vietnam. We'll be starting with how much cash to take, that is when coming to Vietnam how much money should you come with?

How Much Cash to Take Along When Coming to Vietnam
Tourists are always thrilled by the numbers of things they can do at Vietnam. But how can you have a perfect idea of how much it will cost you in fact, for any time you desire to spend. The eseential aspects are:

On arrival, at Tan Son Nhat in HCMC or Noi Bai in Han, a cab will be needed to get to the city center. The cost for a taxi at Ho Chi Minh wouldn't be beyond $15. Nonetheless, touts on the street would want to overcharge you. Therefore it's best to take Uber or grab a moto.

Bottom line: Most trips would cost either a dollar or less than.

transportation in vietnam

Just per night, in both cities, a budget hotel can range from $8-$10. Facilities would include free wifi and free breakfast.

Bottom line: It should be noted that most cities will have their different charges, but the low-mid budget hotel would range between $10-$25 per night.

Drinks And Food.
When correctly done, food and drink can be incredibly cheap. So, what's the way out? Eat and drink on the street. For example, a bowl of chicken and rice, com ga, pho, or bun bo hue would cost between $1-$2.

Note: A real night out would range between $10 to $15.

A Day Trip.
A good, enjoyable day trip wouldn't cost more than $20 in Ho Chi Minh City. However, there are other places where you tour to like the limestone parks won't cost you more than $40.

Final Point: To be safe, and not unexpectedly run out of money, you should set aside $125-$250 for an enjoyable one, two or three days of stopover at Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh.

One Week Trip
Vietnam is a country where a full week will afford you the luxury of enjoying one major city to another. Rather than being confined to one destination.

Unless in rare cases where you might want to use plane, interprovincial buses and train, taxis and xe oms within cities is the same way. Round trip flights wouldn't be more than $150, a bus trip from Hanoi to Sapa, HCMC to Dalat will cost $20.

In HCMC or Hanoi, from $10-$20, you can get from budget to mid-level hotel. A decision to have to sleep in Sapa or Dalat per night would cost you from $25-$50.

Food And Drink
You should be ready to budget $20 daily for your food and drink. That means your eating and drinking should be consistent throughout your stay in Vietnam.

Final Point. You should allocate from $300-$600 for a one week stay.

food and drinks in vietnam

Two Weeks.
What brings about a line of difference between a week trip and two weeks is the number of flights you enjoy. You can comfortably go a long distance without the stress of time within two weeks, and therein, it will be a combination of many destinations. For a 2-4 trip flight, you would need $250. For a bus trip, expected an amount a bit closer to $100.

Final Point. Allocate between $600-$1200

Three Week.
Spending three weeks in Vietnam is indeed a luxury. You'd embark in so many fun things. Mode of transportation could be carried out within the range of $200-$500.

Final points. Three Weeks trip could be cheaply arranged from $800 to $1500.

Isn't it nice that you've gotten a comprehensive overview of the amount you should come along with when planning your trip to Vietnam? What's more? Management is a vital aspect. Therefore, how do you manage money wisely at Vietnam?

How to Spend Money Wisely At Vietnam
These tips are a must-use if you want to cut down some expenses, live within your means, and ultimately enjoy your tour to and fro.

1. Eat The Local Food. You would come across so many restaurants that prepare western food, but it's a waste of fund, what's the fun if not the local? Local foods are cheap, delicious and then prepared just in front of you. Take, for example, Pho, one of the tastiest meals cost less than $2. Other meals are similarly priced.

2. Drink Locally Brewed Drink. Beer in Vietnam is cheap. Bia Bia, recognized as one of the cheapest beer in the world is a reasonable alternative to some other affordable wines in Vietnam. You can even purchase at the rate of 15-30 cents. Sipping a cheap drink doesn't get more comfortable!

3. Bargain Reasonably. Vietnam has earned a prominent space in the heart of many tourists. Nevertheless, there's a word called vietscam- the act of ripping off tourists and intimidating them to get money from them. This mostly happens during buying and selling. Also, before you hop into a car, price first, a whole taxi hire wouldn't be more than $20. If they ask each person to pay the $20, disallow. As a result, how can you bargain? Learn a little Vietnamese, be confident while bargaining, if the seller sounds offensive, walk away.

4. Make Friends. To help you bargain properly, you need friends, children, to help negotiate prices and translate languages. Also, wearing a warm smile when buying isn't a bad idea. It's inviting and instill confidence.

5. Avoid XE OM. These are bent on ripping you off. They will exaggerate their prices. Prices are expensive, remember real kinds of rice shouldn't be beyond $10.

Finally, there are a few questions that need to be asked to guide your financial decision in Vietnam. Therefore, let's talk about the currency, if dollars are accepted and if it's safe to use a credit card. Toil away these points and mess up with money.

Is Dollars Accepted in Vietnam and Can You Take Money Through ATM?
Although the official currency of Vietnam is Dong, yes, many big hotels, big shops  accept USD dollars. It is advisable to keep a small amount of purchase in Dong; it will save you a lot of stress.

Furthermore, at Vietnam is possible to take money through ATM. And that suggests there are ATMs. There is the existence of foreign banks and Vietnamese banks that make ATMs abundant in the cities of Vietnam. Most of these ATMs are connected to the Visa or Mastercard network.

Is it save to Use Credit Card?
I'll suggest you use a debit card to withdraw money, in fact, that's what is recommended, why? If you withdraw with a credit card, it will cost you more money. Because the amount you take will start incurring interest instantly. Additionally, charges will be an international cash advance. So you see it's not cost effective at all.