Things to do in Vietnam


There are some obvious THINGS TO DO IN VIETNAM that all standard Vietnam holidays will include; a tour of Hanoi, a cruise on Halong Bay, the City of Ho Chi Minh and the Mekong Delta but Vietnam travel can include more than that. A good Vietnam tour operator will offer plenty of choice because a true experience in Vietnam should look to learn more about the people, their culture and history.

In some cases it is not the location that matters as much as the activities that the place offers. For example Halong Bay is an extensive place. The coastline is 100 kilometres and there are 2,000 islands. What an opportunity! Vietnam travel packages can be prepared to include within reason what a client wishes:

•    A cruise on Halong Bay is one thing but visiting a floating villages that rise and fall with the tide is a ‘’must.’’ You will be surrounded by smiles on the faces of children and begin to understand more about daily life. Likewise if you land on the largest island, Cat Ba, why not hire a cycle and take a look at the island on your own? It is perfectly safe and you will see waterfalls, caves and perhaps the island’s langur?

•    If you are on a Vietnam family vacation they the more adventurous may like to try kayaking in the Bay. If the weather is fine and the sea calm why not? There are experienced guides to lead the way and reveal the many splendours; caves, isolated bays and beaches.

•    Tai Chi, the Chinese martial art promotes a healthy body and mind. What better place to have a lesson than aboard a junk in Halong Bay?

Elsewhere in Vietnam if you have a limited time in a location you may want to travel quicker than normal? For example if you are in the Mekong Delta then to reach outlying places you can travel by speedboat to save time. Vietnam private tours can arrange things like this.

vietnam photography tour

•    It is far easier to take good photographs in the digital age. As long as you ensure the whole image has been gathered the computer can do the rest for you. However sometimes a professional can teach a willing amateur about composition. If you want to know more there are likely to be experts available to the tourist sector to help you. Some of the photos that you may have at the end of your holiday might be more than just images of buildings, temples and coastal scenes.

•    If you are able to ride a motor cycle then there are endless opportunities to rent and reach some of the more remote parts of the Northern and Central Highlands. There are good local guides and a Vietnam travel agency will help with the arrangements.

The cuisine of Asia has spread far beyond its borders. The Chinese have settled in many regions of the world and their cuisine has followed them. Likewise Indian food is enjoyed by people all over the world. Perhaps Thai and Japanese are only a little way behind but why not take a cookery lesson or two while you are in Vietnam? There are both similarities and differences between Vietnamese cuisine and that of its neighbours.

Vietnam tour packages aim to provide a genuine experience for their clients. Indochina is a fascinating area and many return time and again. A single holiday can be no more than an introduction and no Vietnam holiday can include everything. There is plenty to think about when booking a trip to Vietnam and hopefully this article has given you even more to think about.