Cooking class in Hoi An

Most people who travel from overseas to Vietnam do some research before they set off to make some decisions about what they would like to see and do in the time they have available. The majority land at either Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City, get their Vietnam visa on arrival and start their adventure. A Vietnam itinerary is a good idea, especially for those that are in Vietnam for the first time. The internaltransport network is good so moving the length of Vietnam is fairly easy. Those wishing to see as much as possible in a relatively short time may opt for the domestic flights and flying to Danang offers the chance to see the central coastal strip of the Country. Just south of Danang is a place that shouldn’t be missed. Hoi An was an important trading port many centuries ago and this UNESCO World Heritage site has much to offer.

cooking class in hoi an

It’s a great place to relax and do something different; how about learning a bit more about the wonderful cuisine that Vietnam has to offer? Admittedly, there are some things that are distant to say the least from the normal tastes of western tourists but there is plenty that does appeal and the fresh produce available every day in local markets means that you can add some healthy recipes to the things you currently cook. A cooking class might actually start at the market with a chef showing you the things that he will buy early each day to prepare his dishes for customers.

Rice and noodles are an integral part of Vietnamese cuisine. In a cooking class, you will learn several dishes. You decide beforehand what is going to cooked and then buy the ingredients at the market. Then it is time to go to work in the kitchen preparing the vegetables and other ingredients. In Hoi An, it makes sense to use the fresh seafood that is available in the market from very early in the morning. Pork is very popular in Vietnamese cooking but if you are learning to make spring rolls, you can easily substitute shrimp.

Soups form a large part of the Vietnamese diet; Pho with noodles and meat and side dishes. Salads from the freshest of produce and using the popular seasonings with everything, fish sauce and shrimp paste among them, will see you creating a delicious lunch. All you have to do then is relax and enjoy eating what you have prepared. A nice dessert from the range of exotic fruit and perhaps green tea to finish?

When your holiday finally finishes and you return home to your family and friends, you will take memories, souvenirs, presents and photographs. If you take a cooking class, you will also be able to impress everyone with some new ideas in the kitchen. It will leave those friends and family wanting to visit Vietnam to see for themselves. They will be made most welcome.

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