Diving in Cham Island

Vietnam has well over 3,000 kilometres of coastline, beautiful beaches and lagoons, caves to explore, islands and coral reefs. The clear and warm sea make it an ideal place for a coastal holiday with resorts developing all the time. If all you want to do is relax and do nothing, then that is perfectly fine on your holiday. You can fly in, get your Vietnam visa on arrival and head for your destination. Many overseas tourists want to combine the history and culture of Vietnam with some time enjoying the natural environment as well as the stunning coast. Packaged Vietnam tours can be designed to meet a client’s wishes with all arrangements made before arrival.

diving in cham island

Whether you want to relax at the end of the holiday with a few days on the beach or visit coastal areas while travelling in Vietnam, you have only to say. When it comes to the coast, Central Vietnam is especially popular. It is very accessible with an airport at Danang, and those wanting to scuba dive are increasingly heading for Cham Island because of the available facilities. All the equipment that you might possibly need is available for hire and experienced companies have been introducing divers to the Island and nearby reefs for many years.

Cham Island is just half an hour away from Danang Airport so if you land in the morning you can be transferred by boat to Cham Island to scuba dive or go snorkelling the same afternoon. The water is beautiful and this is a great location for absolute beginners to learn to scuba dive. Regulars will find this a great location as well with advice ready and able to direct them to the best places to dive.

There is something magical spending time under the water with a clear view of everything around you. The reefs are home to many colourful fish and of course the things that prey on them; bigger fish and moray eels are just a couple of them. The reefs are still in very good condition which is sadly not the case in every part of the world.

There is in fact a few islands here with the largest being inhabited by people whose lives revolve around fishing. The beaches are great and the interior is jungle. Perhaps you are travelling in a party where some want to dive and others don’t? Cham Island is an ideal place for the whole party because what could be better than sunbathing on a desert island beach just doing nothing?

Every diving centre in Vietnam is properly licensed with qualified staff to help at every stage. If you are travelling on a Vietnam package booked in advance all the arrangements will be already in place when you arrive. The coast of South East Asia has been used for film locations and promotions. It is as stunning as it appears on film and diving in Cham Island is an experience you won’t forget.

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