Farming tour in Hoi An

Vietnam is largely rural. There has certainly been movement to urban areas in recent years but it is unlikely that Vietnam will change in any significant way in the years to come. Many people live off the land; families in rural villages grow rice, a variety of vegetable, fruit as well as maintaining livestock. Every member of a farming family has a role to play in daily life until they reach an age when they can retire and leave the hard work to others. It is hard work growing crops and as you are in Vietnam, you will pass fields in which the locals might be doing back-breaking work. One of the many highlights of a Vietnam packaged tour is to see the daily lives of the locals and indeed meet them. There are experienced Vietnam tour operators who can tailor a holiday to a client’s needs. All the client has to do is book and turn up at the airport. There is no need to get a visa to Vietnam in advance; they are available when you land.

farming tour in hoi an

While Ho Chi Minh City and the Mekong in the south and Hanoi, the capital in the North, have obvious appeal, the central part of Vietnam is very interesting. Danang is the major city in the centre of Vietnam but Hoi An just to the south is worth some time. It was the ancient capital of the Champa Kingdom in the Middle Ages and offers some interesting day-time tours that are a little out of the ordinary. For example, a farming tour can be booked in advance and it is a great experience.  

The point is that as soon as you leave a town or city in Vietnam, you are straight into farming country. Transport is a personal choice; you can cycle if you like, all the family, because the terrain is flat. The rice paddy fields change through the season from watery to green and finally golden near harvest time. Rice is the main crop you will see on a farming tour and depending on the time of year, you will see water buffalo pulling a plough with the farmers in their conical hats behind.

There is plenty of chance to get closer to things within the villages. The locals grow other vegetables and herbs and on a working farm you can learn about their methods which have changed little over the years. You can try it and if you are travelling as a family the kids will love every minute.

You may be offered a chance to ride on a water buffalo. You need not worry because they will not respond as they would in a bull ring or rodeo; they are totally placid. The stories the children can tell their friends at school when the get home will have everyone envious. A few hours pass by in no time and they will be educational for adults and children alike. Everyone will sleep well that night.

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