Motorbiking to the northeast of Vietnam

The traffic in cities such as Hanoi is hectic. You would be adventurous to say the least wanting to bike around Hanoi every day. There are plenty of locals who do on their scooters. It is a challenge for pedestrians to actually cross the road, especially overseas visitors, perhaps on holiday in Vietnam for the first time. Even though on organised Vietnam packaged tours have some free time to wander but be careful. The North of Vietnam has become increasingly popular with the increased frequency of international flights, Vietnam visa is available on entry and a whole range of things to see and do.

vietnam motorcycle tour

Outside the City, you will immediately find yourself in countryside with farmers tending the fields of rice and vegetables. While the leisurely way to travel these roads is on a coach with someone else driving, if you want an adventure then taking a trip on a motorbike to explore the Northern Highlands is an experience you will never forget.

The contrast between the volume of traffic in Hanoi and that on the rural roads could not be more contrasting. Certainly, there are times of the year when many people are on the move, perhaps returning from the city to their home village for a special festival, something like the Vietnamese New Year, Tet, but otherwise the life of villagers revolves around the village, the fields and the local market.

If you have a few days available, you can explore NorthEast Vietnam on a motorbike with regular stops and pre-booked accommodation in place before you set out. There are some regular tours that have proved popular but the principle in Vietnam’s tourist industry is good service and it will always be possible to arrange an itinerary to suit a client. That is as long as the client is not aiming for something unrealistic. All potential clients will be asked about their particular interests so that a tour can be devised if one of the standard tours does not meet their needs. Typical places that will be included are Ba Be National Park and the Lake of course, Ma Pi Leng Pass at 1,500 metres above sea level en route to China and Ha Giang City with several stops on the way to meet the Hmong peoples living in the area.

The scenery is spectacular throughout this region. There are lakes and mountains in this area up towards the Chinese border. It is a fairly poor region of Vietnam but you would not know it from the smiles on people’s faces. You can spend a night in a village if you wish; ‘’homestay’’ and dinner with the locals have become increasingly popular.

All the motorbikes on offer will be serviced regularly and of course helmets are provided. There is no need to worry about meals because all of that will be in place as well. Each party will have an English-speaking guide to assist in every way. It’s something you will never forget.

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