Snorkeling tour in Nha Trang

Vietnam has a wonderful coastline and as a result has become very popular with the locals wanting a holiday away from the city and with overseas tourists who can fly in, pick up their Vietnam visa on arrival and head for the beach. As the resorts have grown in popularity so has the tourist infrastructure. The national transport network is excellent and regular domestic flights have made every part of Vietnam readily accessible for those on a Vietnam package. At the resorts themvselves, facilities are in place so that visitors can make the most of their vacation in Vietnam. That means accommodation and restaurants but also water sports, sailing, diving and snorkelling.

snorkeling tour in nha trang

Nha Trang is in Khánh Hòa Province which is located on Vietnam’s South Central Coast. Its popularity has been increasingly enormously in recent years because of its wonderful beach and arguably best diving facilities in the Country. It goes without saying that the seafood in the restaurants is delicious; as fresh as it comes. Scuba diving isn’t for everyone. If you are at all nervous about trying it, you can still enjoy seeing what is under the waves by getting some googles and flippers and going snorkelling.

The town has been there for many centuries. It was known as Kauthara in the Champa Kingdom back in the Middle Age although until the arrival of the French it was little more than a small fishing village. It was they who say the possibilities because of the pristine beach and lovely waters so they invested to make Nha Trang into a resort. Further impetus to growth has obviously happened far more recently.

There are many small islands in the bay and the coral reefs with their colourful fish make this a great underwater environment. The clarity of the water ensures that even those who just go snorkelling will see some wonderful sights. The season is fairly long. You can come any time between January and August and be fairly certain of good weather. Tours are dependent upon the weather conditions but nothing more. You will be taken out by boat to one of a number of popular sites. You should take sun cream and a hat but everything else is pretty much provided by the tour company, including lunch and advice. Every tour will have an experienced guide but swimmers should never get into difficulty in these waters.

When it comes to choosing where to spend time on the coast during a tour of Vietnam, there is plenty of choice. Halong Bay some distance away up in the north is popular because of its sheer magnificence while Phu Quoc Island off the Cambodian Coast down south and west is developing rapidly, with the relative proximity of Ho Chi Minh City an obvious advantage. However, Nha Trang can make out a good case for being the top coastal resort in Vietnam, and while you are there, snorkelling in its warm waters is a great experience.