Top 5 tips for Disabled travellers to Vietnam


Accessibility for everyone
Visiting a new country for the first time can be both exciting and daunting; especially when you are visiting a country that does not have the traditional requirements for certain types of disabilities.

Using a tour guide is often the perfect way to organise your travel; they can book transport with space required for a wheelchair and they can ensure accommodation will be stubble for everyone too.

Vietnam is accessible to everyone wanting to explore; although it’s facilities are not what we are used to in the UK, they are certainly amongst some of the best this part of the world has to offer.

Many people with disabilities visit Vietnam every year and are not disappointed; they often leave wanting to come back and explore more of this colourful country.

Choosing to trust your travel arrangements with a Vietnam tour operator is an easy and cost effective way to travel around any country, in most cases tour operators will be able to negotiate much better rates and will have inside knowledge of the best places to visit and the easiest way to get to your destination too, especially if you are traveling with someone who needs extra space or attention.

Vietnam tour packages give you the chance to sit back and relax and let the hassle of bookings and travel arrangements be taken care of by a trusted and experienced company. Vivutravel offer a huge range of Vietnam tour packages, each tailor made to get the best out of your holiday.

In preparation for your Vietnam holiday, we have compiled a list of Top 5 ways to get around Vietnam with a disability.

If you need more information or assistance on organising any of the below, get in touch with Vivutravel who are waiting to help organise your Vietnam tour package.

Vietnam is famed for its small and narrow roads; roads which were built for much smaller vehicles than buses and cars, but getting around with a wheelchair is actually easy. The Vietnamese are extremely accommodating and helpful.

1.    Plane Travel
When you book your flight into Vietnam, make sure you tick the wheelchair services box or give the airline a call; that way, when you arrive at check in, it isn’t a surprise and the airline will be ready to deal with your requests.

Every airline and airport may handle things slightly differently, this is why using a tour operator can often be helpful as they will deal with your request and ensure the airline has all of the correct information.

Many Vietnam cities have airports, your tour operator will be able to advise the best place to fly to and they can even book your flight for you too.

2.    Trains & Rail Travel
Due to the competitive nature of buses, very few tourists are still opting to use the railway network. Rail can actually be a more comfortable, friendly and reliable option.

The railway system covers more than 2000km across Vietnam, with much of it being slowly updated. Traveling by train is more expensive as you will want to choose to travel in as higher class as possible. Although the railways service is still cheap in comparison to western prices.

Choosing to travel in first class or similar is worth the initial cost. You will travel on softer seats and the trains will be air conditioned and many will actually be new carriages. Trains can accommodate wheelchairs although you will have to take the chair down to board the train.

Your tour operator will be able to help you with your booking and ensure the train is equipped to deal with your requests. Train travel is very comfortable and many disabled travellers will opt to use the train for traveling internally in Vietnam.

A wonderful way to experience the countryside too.

3.    Ferry & Boat Journeys
If you choose to include a trip to one of Vietnams spectacular islands on your Vietnam tour package, you will undoubtedly take a boat or ferry. Scheduled ferries run all throughout the year in Vietnam, with many offering a unique and beautiful view of surrounding countryside and cities.

Many boat tours will be able to deal with any special requirements and the staff greeting you are always happy to help with any assistance you may need. You can even choose to stay onboard overnight and wake up to the beautiful islands around you.

Halong Bay is the perfect place to take an overnight ferry tour, most companies will be able to assist with disabled access too.

It is always worth using an operator to check for you beforehand.

4.    City Tours
The city of Hoi An is one of the best cities for being wheelchair friendly. The streets are flat and access to buildings, museums and shops are all very well equipped.

A city with more than 2,000 years of history, Hoi An is in the flat delta of the Thu Bon River and is not far from the tropical paradise of Danang and the historic Hue. Dong Ba market and the imperial citadel are two of the highlights, although the pavilions are not accessible by wheelchair.

Most cities in Vietnam are suitable, all for different reasons. There are day trips to the Mekong and a great city tour by wheelchair, as well as delta accessible hotels.

In the far north the terrain is a little more rugged, but with the right tour guides, travellers  with disabilities will be able to see Ho Chi Minh and just a few miles outside of Hanoi, the landscape turns pastoral, with flat agricultural land.

There are large attractions which are not ideal for wheelchairs; such as Angkor Wat is not as travellers will need to be able to take a few steps to get inside the temples; those unable to do so will still be able to see Angkor from the road.

Your tour operator will be able to advise which attractions are suitable for you and ensure the booking confirms any special requirements you may have too.

5.    Taxi
Private hire of cars and jeeps are not allowed by international tourists within Vietnam, you can however organise a private car and driver.

Your driver will be allocated to you for the entire time, often advising on great places to visit. Vietnam tour packages are the best way to organise your own driver and companies like Vivutravel will ensure one of their employees is allocated as your designated driver.

It’s a great way to experience a country in a personal and unique way.

Travel Vietnam on a Vietnam tour package
There really are many reasons to use a tour operator to help with your Vietnam holiday from the UK. A tour operator like Vivutravel have many years experience in organising detailed itineraries for the whole of Vietnam. Check out their testimonials online to see what their customers are saying about them.

An exceptional tour operator with vast experience and knowledge, you will feel very safe in their hands.

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