Vietnam Tours and Holidays in 2019


Whether you plan to travel to travel solo or with family, there is certain to be something for everybody on the Vietnam tours and holidays in 2019, from cross-country trips that explore local villages, cities and towns to relaxing at pristine all-inclusive beach resorts.

Public holidays
Similar to many different countries, Vietnam has several public holidays that mark and commemorate important historical moments. The various public holidays are held throughout the year and for visitors this can have an impact on the services with shops and restaurants closed and public transport difficult to come by. But, it is still an exciting time to be in Vietnam. The major public holiday is Tet - Vietnam’s Lunar New Year celebration, which falls late-January/mid-February. Other popular holidays include Vietnam Reunification Day (April), May Day (May) and Vietnam National Day (September).

When is the best time to visit?
Vietnam is a great year-round destination which benefits from its three different micro climates. November to April is a great time to visit the country because of the low rainfall; however, when the rains arrive in the north and south of the country, the weather in the central regions can still be dry and hot.

vietnam tours and holidays in 2019

In the north
Hanoi's summer runs from May to September with plenty of humidity and heat with an average temperature in the region of 32° C. Also, this time of year brings the short and refreshing bouts of heavy rainfall. But, the tropical downpours are quite predictable and often arrive in the afternoons. A great time to visit Hanoi is October-November time when there is plenty of sunshine, less rain, and an average temperature of 21° C.

The UNESCO World Heritage Site of Halong Bay is a major tourist attraction in the north of Vietnam. It is best seen March-April when the temperatures are pleasant and the sky is blue and clear to make the perfect cruising climate. From May-November the days can be very humid and warm with the afternoon showers, while the winter months can get quite cold.

A trekking trip in Sapa in Vietnam’s north-west region is best experienced early in the year, March to May or left later, September to November. Both of these periods will give the stable weather for tourism with days that are sunny and nights that are cool.

The best time to visit the northeast on the Vietnam holidays in 2019, including Ha Giang is from October to April when the dry season is taking place, but the temperature can get a little chilly late in the year (December-January). The rainy season (May to September) may not be the best time to trek in this region.

Other great places to visit in the north include Ba Be lake (April to May and September to October), Ban Gioc waterfall (August to September), Mai Chau (February to May and October to November), and Ninh Binh (March to October).

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In the central regions
Phong Nha is the gateway to the fascinating Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park and is best visited from February-August when the weather is most ideal. The warmest months are June, July and August with the average temperature in the region of 23-25 ° C. The dry season runs from January-June with the least amount of rain expected in February and March. But, Phong Nha is in a region of Vietnam that gets plenty of rainfall (July-December) with up to 2,500 mm per year.

A visit to the ancient town of Hoi An can bring warm weather year-round with the highest temperature seen in July-August with a peak of  38° C, while the winter cools to a pleasant  24° C. The dry season runs from February to July. For the travellers that favour the hot climate, the best time to travel is at the end of the dry season, while waiting until the end of that season will give the milder temperature. Hue is also a great place to visit in the region with a climate that is slightly cooler than Hoi An.

Nha Trang in the far south of central Vietnam has a long dry season (January-September) and a great time to visit is between February and April when the temperature is an average 26 ° C and rainfall is relatively low.

Da Lat is set in the mountains of central Vietnam and enjoys a climate that is pleasant year-round. However, it can benefit to avoid June-August when the rainfall is the most and also the main season for domestic tourists.

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In the south
The lively and dynamic city of Ho Chi Minh City enjoys a warm and pleasant climate year-round, but is it still useful to consider the regions distinct seasons. The best time to visit is the dry season, which runs from December to April. The hottest months are March, April and May with highs of up to 39° C, but the humidity starts to fall at this time to make the more bearable climate. Also, the temperature in December can get to a low 16° C in the mornings, although the temperature will get comfortable and warm during the day.

Touring the swamplands, paddy fields and orchards of the Mekong Delta are best experienced from December to May, which make up the dry months with the calm water, lush landscape, and crystal-clear sky. Also, it is hot and humid from June to September, but the landscape looks its best during the early months. Occasional flooding is expected during October-November, especially in some of the remote regions.

Which beach to stay            
The Vietnamese coastline is blessed with miles of pristine and relatively uncrowded sands that are perfect for relaxation or fun activities.

From the bustling resorts of Danang and Nha Trang, to the delightful town of Hoi An and the island hideaways of Phu Quoc and Con Dao, a visit to one of the many pristine beaches in Vietnam is certain to leave the traveller spoilt for choice. Get involved in a wide range of water sports, explore surrounding coral reefs, catch a boat to a nearby island, or simply unwind on the powdery shores. Mui Ne is perfect for the water sports enthusiasts with its steady wind conditions, so a top spot for sailing, kite surfing, and windsurfing.

vietnam cambodia highlights

Vietnam and Cambodia highlights
A multi-country tour that takes in Vietnam and Cambodia is an unforgettable journey and takes in the culture and history of both these two diverse countries. Start off the Vietnam tours in 2019 with a cruise of Halong Bay and its dramatic karst scenery, explore the ancient town of Hoi An and discover the country's impressive past in Hue, and later visit the energetic city of Ho Chi Minh City. On arrival in Cambodia, take a tour that includes the absorbing culture and history in Phnom Penh with its busy streets and later the world famous temples at Angkor. View our Vietnam and Cambodia Tours.