Vietnam Tours and Holidays in 2020


Vietnam holidays in 2020 give the ultimate opportunity to explore a land full of fascinating culture, beautiful landscapes and unique traditions.

Whether you are looking to cruise Halong Bay with its limestone peaks, get off the beaten track for a trekking adventure in Sapa, relax in ancient town of Hoi An, explore the authentic floating markets and stilt-houses on the Mekong Delta, or take a break on the unspoilt beaches in Danang, Mui Ne and Phu Quoc, the Vietnam tours in 2020 can deliver the truly unforgettable experience.

Public holidays
Most of the public holidays held in the country are intended to celebrate cultural values among the local people or related to important historic events. Tet is the Vietnamese New Year celebration and falls January/February each year. At this time of the year, the Vietnamese take their holidays which mean restaurants and shops can be closed, transport is often full, and hotels are booked up early or more expensive. But, for travellers in the country at this time of year, there are plenty of colour and exciting celebrations taking place so worth getting in on the action.

Other popular public holidays in Vietnam include Liberation Day/Reunification Day (April), International Labor Day (May), and Independence Day (September).

Unique tours
Travel in Vietnam is typically based on a tour itinerary between Hanoi in the north and Ho Chi Minh City in the south, including major highlights in the central regions. But, this type of travel experience can miss out the lesser-known and often overlooked experiences and sights, such as discovering the remote markets of Ha Giang or the hill tribe communities in Sapa and the Tonkinese Alps.

A unique or bespoke Vietnam tour is essential to fully match your personal travel preferences and needs.

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With a tailor-made tour you can:

Choose the time-frame of the tour
Vietnam's sights and attractions can be seen over the entire length of the country from the stunning highlands in the north to the maze of rivers in the south. A highlights tour of Vietnam is easily completed within 7-10 days, which starts in the capital city of Hanoi and finishes in the lively city of Ho Chi Minh City in the south. Also, this type of tour will include the numerous attractions that can be found along the coastline. But, for travellers with a little extra time to travel and explore the sights, it is possible to extend the stay to trek with the hill tribes in Sapa, or relax on the beach for the few days to get a break from sightseeing.

Select the preferred accommodation
Vietnam has a wide range of accommodation options to perfectly match the traveller’s budget from the low-cost hotels and guest houses to the small boutique city properties to the most luxurious resorts and island hideaways that come with world-class facilities.

Beyond being somewhere to rest for the night, the accommodation can also be made into an experience in itself. For instance, an overnight stay on a traditional junk-style boat on Halong Bay with its karst island waters is certain to be a memorable experience.

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Get the most out of your budget
The cost quoted for the Vietnam holidays in 2020 will depend on a variety of factors with key areas likely to include the number of flights required and the standard of accommodation. For travellers on a tight budget the overnight sleeper train is a cost effective way to get around and there are also a great selection of 3-star hotels to spend the night.

Also, it is possible to vary the travel time. A Vietnam holiday in the low season, which has the more temperamental weather, will not only have a lot less tourists, but also the cheaper services such as flights and hotels.

Travel with an English-speaking guide
A local English-speaking guide can be available to accompany you when visiting the many different attractions on the tour itinerary to make it easy to learn the regions rich history and culture. Most of the guides will have the local knowledge of the attraction which gives the more informative and fulfilling travel experience.

Decide on the transport options
Travelling the length of Vietnam often involves using a mix of transport modes to get around which can include overnight sleeper trains, boat rides, and domestic flights. A great benefit of travelling on the overnight sleeper train is the ability to save on the cost of staying in a guest house or hotel for the night. However, the fastest option to get around when travelling for long distances is the domestic flights. The cost of air travel will increase the basic tour budget, so may not always be a practical option for those on a budget. Also, if the tour of Vietnam includes visiting the rivers, swamps and islands of the Mekong Delta there are plenty of options to experience a luxury cruise.

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Multi country tours
Would you like to add a neighbouring country to your Vietnam tour?

With Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar neighbouring Vietnam, it is certainly worth extending the stay in SE Asia to include one or more of these deeply beautiful and fascinating countries.

Cambodia is easily reached from Ho Chi Minh City in the south of the country and travel options include flying or the more adventurous boat and road transfer. Exploring the best of Cambodia including its capital city Phnom Penh and the world famous temples of Angkor is possible in as little as five days.  

Alternatively, another great multi-country combo option is Vietnam and Laos. This region of SE Asia encompasses colourful ethnic-minority villages, steamy jungle, valleys of terraces and dazzling rice paddies. Vietnam and Laos tours are perfect for the hill tribe trekking experience. The charismatic old quarter of Hanoi and beguiling city of Luang Prabang is only a short 1 hour flight away.

For the travellers with a good amount of time to spare, a full Indochina tour is possible with a tour itinerary that includes a combination of Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. The countries are well connected by the various tributaries of the Mekong River and shared land borders, and the journey can be made by simply flying or making the journey part of the travel experience with a scenic road trip or a luxury river cruise.

Whether it is the unforgettable ancient wonders, the beautiful beaches lined with palm trees, glittering rice terraces, colourful hill tribes, and historic cities, the Vietnam tours in 2020 that include neighbouring country tours will never disappoint.