Vietnam Tours and Holidays in 2021


From enchanting cities like Hanoi and Hoi An to the natural wonders of the Mekong Delta and Halong Bay, there are plenty of fun and unique experiences to enjoy on the Vietnam holidays and tours in 2021.

Public holidays
Vietnam on public holidays is beautiful, bustling and exciting. The major holiday period in Vietnam is reserved for the Tet Festival (February) and many of local Vietnamese people visit family and friends. Travelling at this time can be difficult due to heavily booked trains and flights, as well as hotels and other accommodation charging more expensive rates. However, the Tet celebrations can make an exciting time to be in Vietnam, so if you're a traveller with a flexible budget, it is still worthwhile travelling at this time.

Other popular public holidays include Reunification Day (April), International Labor Day (May) and National Day (September).

Vietnam tours in 2021
Many visitors to Vietnam fail to travel much beyond the karst landscape of Halong Bay, but exploring further north gives the perfect opportunity to witness ancient royal citadels, lush national parks, towering waterfalls, and dramatic mountain passes. Lakeside treats are a delightful escape from the stifling heat of the summer, while the special landscapes in the region are great for the trekking adventures.

Highlights of Northeast Vietnam

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Ha Giang
Ha Giang offers truly breathtaking mountain scenery that is best appreciated when weaving your way by motorbike along the Ma Pi Leng Pass. At an altitude of 1,500 metres, the twisty road is located on a very steep limestone mountain which has the Nho Que River nestled at the bottom. A great time to visit Ha Giang is at the time of the Lunar New Year, when there a variety of rituals and festivals taking place.

Ba Be Lake
Ba Be Lake and national park is situated approx 240 km from Hanoi and spans an area in the region of 23,000 ha of tropical forests, lakes, waterfalls, rivers, caves and valley. A trip to Ba Be is certain to appeal to travellers interested in outdoor activities with plenty of opportunities to trek the stunning landscape, while the lakes are perfect for the kayaking enthusiasts. Much like staying in Mai Chau, the overnight accommodation in the local area is a homestay with a local family.

Ban Gioc waterfall
Ban Gioc Waterfall is rated as one of the country's finest sights. Situated in the NE province of Cao Bang, the waterfalls are approx 350 km from Hanoi and stand at an impressive 300 metres across and 30 metres high to create the widest falls in the country, but not the highest. The waterfalls are seen on the beautiful jade-blue Quay Son River, which is surrounded by the stunning landscape of limestone pinnacles, bamboo groves and rice fields.

Highlights of Northwest Vietnam

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Mai Chau
Mai Chau Valley is a peaceful and charming region of Vietnam that is approx 135 km from Hanoi. This valley region is made up of stilt-houses, farms and small villages spread out over a verdant and vast valley. A visit to Mai Chau on the Vietnam tours in 2018 is not quite as idyllic as Ha Giang, but does have the shortest travel distance to reach the countryside for a trekking adventure and to stay the night in an ethnic-minority village. A day trekking adventure will include a route that passes markets, hill tribes, streams, waterfalls, rice fields and mountain paths.

Pu Luong
The Pu Luong Nature Reserve is about 170 km from Hanoi and spans a total area of 17,662 hectares of pristine tropical forest. A trip to Pu Luong is a great destination for a multi-day exploration tour from Hanoi and gives a perfect opportunity to visiting beautiful small villages, cycle through the reserve and trek in the forest and along the rice fields.

Mu Cang Chai
Mu Cang Chai has some of the most stunning landscapes of rice-terraced fields in Vietnam and is about 300 km from Hanoi. This rural district sits at 1,000 metres about sea level with plenty of deep valleys and steep hills that the local Dao, Thai and Hmong have turned into an amazing landscape of terraced fields. A trip to Mu Cang Chai is certain to appeal to trekkers and photographers in search of the stunning scenery which looks its best throughout the planting (June) and harvesting (September/October) seasons.

The most popular trekking destination in the north of Vietnam is Sapa. It is approx 315 km from Hanoi and was first established in the early 20th century by the French as a place of retreat. Sapa is a great choice to get a break from the lively city life in Hanoi or simply to visit the region to exploring its stunning landscape and surrounding attractions. Once you arrive in Sapa, there are plenty of opportunities to trek or bike through the mountainous terrain with is rice terraces and local hill tribe villages with Dao and H’Mong People.

View our Vietnam Northeast and Northwest tours

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Vietnam classic tour
A great way to explore the most well known destinations and attractions in Vietnam is to sign up for a 7-10 day Vietnam classic tour. Book this type of tour to witness the fascinating Old Quarter of Hanoi, the natural karst landscape of Halong Bay, the Old Royal City in Hue, the delightful town of Hoi An, Da Lat with its unique climate, and the hustle and bustle of Ho Chi Minh City with its exciting cafe scene and shopping areas. Also, this classic tour can include experiencing the authentic rural lifestyles in the Mekong Delta region.

What beaches to visit in Vietnam?
Vietnam has some of the finest beaches in SE Asia. Unlike other countries in the region, many of the villages and resorts haven't seen over-development which has helped to maintain a lot of the original way of life and charm of yesteryear. Visit historic Hoi An to appreciate a few of the beaches with gorgeous white sands, Lang Co beach is a great place to stop on the route from Danang to Hue, lively Nha Trang is located further south, and you have the paradise islands of  Con Dao and Phu Quoc. Other great beach experiences on the Vietnam travel include Ly Son Island with its crystal-clear waters and colour reef, and Mui Ne is one more of the popular tourist destinations to soak up the sun. Beaches in Vietnam.

Why Vietnam?
Vietnam should be high of the list of everybody’s future travel plans. With its pulsating energy, epic food, fascinating history and dramatic landscapes, the Vietnam holidays in 2018 are certain to be relaxing, thrilling and serene. There are plenty of reasons to visit Vietnam and tour the entire length of the country from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City by bus, train, plane, or for the adventurous by motorbike.

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