Vietnamese Festivals and Events


There is never a month goes by in Vietnam when there is not a major celebration of some kind. Tourists travelling to Vietnam at any time of the year are likely to find a festival full of colour somewhere during their Vietnam holidays. A good Vietnam travel agency will make all the arrangements for Vietnam private tours which reveal the best the country has to offer.

Those contemplating a Vietnam family vacation should read on to see brief details of notable dates and events in the country:

•    Vietnam International New Year Day is celebrated according to the Western calendar.
•    Vietnam Lunar New Year Festival is usually a few weeks’ later and although it is scheduled to last just three days locals often keep celebrating for much longer.
•    Bai Dinh Pagoda Festival  is the beginning of spring with pilgrimages to Hoa Lu in Ninh Binh Province.
•    Huong Pagoda Festival is particularly important in the North of Vietnam, a huge celebration by all Buddhists.
•    Giong Festivalcommemorates Saint Giong, one of Vietnam’s four immortals. It is another springtime event in the North.
•    Co Loa Citadel Festival in Hanoi recalls the times of King An Duong Vuong and its royal palace.
•    Tro Tram Festivalis an annual cultural event held in Lam Thao, Phu Tho Province.
•    Lim Festival, held near Hanoi promotes the folk songs in Quan Ho and is celebrated on the 12th or 13th day of the first Lunar month.

festivals in vietnam

•    Cau Ngu Festival involves fishermen who consider the whale as their ally and companion.
•    Nui Ba Festival, held in the Mekong Delta is named after a mountain nearby.
•    Roong Pooc Festival is a celebration by the Giay ethnic group in Sa Pa thanking their guardians.
•    Buffalo Sacrifice Festival  in the Central Highlands in the third Lunar month intends to seek a happy life and good harvest.
•    Holiday of the Deador Thanh Minh celebrates the end of winter and the start of flowers in bloom.
•    Elephant Racing Festivalin Tay Nguyen recognises the value of elephants to the people.
•    Death Anniversary of the Hung Kings is on the 10th day of the third Lunar month.
•    Reunification Day was 30th April 1975, the fall of Saigon.
•    International Labour Day  follows the next day so there is a two day holiday.
•    Le Mat Snake Village Festivalis held on the 23rd day of the 3rd Lunar month to honour the profession of snake catching.
•    Ba Chua Xu Temple Festival is four weeks later in Chau Doc commune, An Giang Province.
•    International Children's Day is on 1st June and reminds adults about their responsibility to children.
•    Parasite-Killing Festival aims to ensure the crops are protected.
•    Vu Lan Festivalor Mothers’ Day is on the 15th day of the seventh Lunar month.
•    Independence Day is a national holiday.
•    Do Son Buffalo Fighting Festivalin Haiphong City worships the Water Goddess and recognises bravery and chivalry.
•    Kiep Bac Temple Festival remembers Tran Quoc Tuan-Saint Tran who the victory against Yuan-Mongolian attackers in the 13th Century.
•    Mid-Autumn's Festival celebrates the harvest.
•    Cow Racing Festival is on the last day of the year in the Khmer calendar.
•    Ooc Om Boc Festivalon the 10th full moon of the Lunar calendar and is associated with the ethnic Khmer community.
•    Hue Festival is held on alternate years and attracts millions of people.

The Vietnamese are naturally smiling people. They often have a difficult life but they bear it. When it comes to celebrating they do that in earnest and if you get the chance to see any of the festivals in any part of the country then do so.