Perfume Pagoda Festival

Spring in a great time in Vietnam. The Tet (Vietnamese New Year) brings new optimism for the coming year and just a few weeks’ later, rice is planted in the paddy fields, the crop that is central to Vietnamese life. While the most fertile region of Vietnam is the Mekong Delta in the south west, villages all over the Country depend upon the rice and vegetables grown by villagers. If you decide on a holiday in Vietnam then you are certain to be able to see the daily lives of the locals as you travel around. One place you should try to visit within your Vietnam tour package is the Perfume Pagoda which is just 70 kilometres south west of the Capital, Hanoi.

perfume pagoda festival

It is a very sacred site to Buddhists and it is the main attraction in a region where numerous pagodas have been built over the years; the earliest were during the 15th Century. Legend suggests that the caves and limestone cliffs of Huong Tich were actually discovered 2,000 years ago.

The Perfume Pagoda gets many visitors. They enter the cave in which it is built in search of good luck and a great harvest. Tourists travelling in Vietnam with kids may just want to see the spectacle, but they can wish. They will see many statues, stalactites and stalagmites which pilgrims believe have magical powers. The journey involves a boat ride past rice fields and other temples; a great trip.

It is a beautiful scenic area, especially in the spring, and a great day for someone based in the busy city of Hanoi where everything seems so crowded and the roads so hectic. A Hanoi travel agent will make all the necessary arrangements for you if the Perfume Pagoda is not already part of the itinerary.