Vietnamese Martial Arts Festival

Martial Arts plays an important role in the Far East. Viet Vo Dao’s popularity has led to it being taught in over 100 countries. If you are interested in martial arts, perhaps you should book your Vietnam travel package when the 3-day festival takes place in Binh Dinh Province in the centre of the country.The region’s association with martial arts dates back to the 18th Century and the Tay Son-Binh Dinh School. The best talent learns the sport here even today.

It was first held in 2006 and has now become an increasingly popular event on the Vietnamese calendar.

vietnamese martial art

The Festival starts in the Province’s capital, Quy Nhon which displays of Viet Vo Dao which is an art that seeks harmony and is in fact a self-defence technique. It has attracted people of all ages and involves throws, wrestling, kicking and punching employing knives, sticks and swords. The Vietnamese have spirit; it has developed over the years of conflict and as a truly independent country, that spirit has been growing stronger.

Binh Dinh is known for Vo Tay Son, an ancient art, and there are training centres throughout the Province, almost 100 clubs, 80 master and 1,000 regular students.

Venues include the Hoang De Citadel, the King Quang Trung Museum and a place that represents Vietnam’s recent economic growth, the Nhon Hoi Economic Zone. Nguyen Loc invented the art just under a century ago during the time when the French were masters of Indochina.

It is possible to attend the Festival and even join a team. It may well be fun for the family; if you are on a Vietnam tour with kids, you may all have some fun. Perhaps you are spending some time in the countryside? There may be performances while you are there.

There is plenty to enjoy. You can watch competition, listen to battle drumming and see a typical beauty pageant.

Tay Son battle drumming was something that Nguyen Hue, later Emperor Quang Trung, used to encourage and motivate his forces in battle. There are 12 drums, each representing a zodiac sign. It is a difficult technique to master and one of the most skilful drummers is a young lady from the museum’s troupe, Hoang Mai.

Beauty Pageant
Women from several countries where martial arts are popular compete in this pageant: ‘’Hoa ha unhung mien dat vo.’’ They must have physical attractions but also show mental and physical strength.

The Programme
The Festival starts with flowers and a procession to the museum early in the morning. The following day there are 22 boats, a symbolic number, which tourists can sail on, releasing flower garlands and lanterns at various points on the journey. There are firework displays and music, local and international. The central park in the capital has a handicraft fair and if you attend during your travelling in Vietnam, sample the Bau Da wine but remember it is strong. Fermented pork rolls are another highlight and the flora exhibition quite spectacular.