5 world records for Vietnamese cuisine

Based on 5 records of world record registration of Vietnamese cuisine nominated by the Vietnam Record Organization (VietKings) since early 2020, on August 31, 2020, World Records Union (WorldKings) has officially recognized the first 5 world records in the field of Vietnamese cuisine.

It took more than 8 years to synthesize from so many to nominate world cuisine, WorldKings just selected this list. After careful consideration, the Appraisal Council of the World Records Organization (WorldKings) finally approved 5 dossiers to register the world record in Vietnamese cuisine, as follows:

1. Vietnam - The country that owns the most attractive fiber dishes and water dishes in the world (Including 164 dishes and still being updated)

2. Vietnam - The country has many fish sauce dishes and dishes made from the most typical fish sauce in the world (Including 100 dishes and continuing to be updated)

3. Vietnam - The country with many dishes made from the most flowers in the world (Including 272 dishes made from 43 different flowers and still being updated)

4. Vietnam - The country with the most outstanding rolls in the world (Including 103 dishes and continuing to be updated)

5. Vietnam - The country has the most attractive rice flour cakes in the world (Including 100 dishes and continuing to be updated)

The decision to recognize 5 new world records of Vietnamese cuisine signed by the World Records Union (WorldKings) takes effect from August 29, 2020. Photos and details of Vietnamese dishes WorldKings will be updated in the global media as soon as possible.

In early September 2020, all information related to 5 World Records of Vietnamese cuisine will be published on the media of the World Record Union (WorldKings) to help organize the World Records. Vietnam (VietKings) promotes Vietnamese culinary values ​​to the world.