6 Top drinks in Vietnam

You travel in Vietnam and often have a question: What do Vietnamese usually drink and what will you have the opportunity to sample during your time in Vietnam? Let's explore 6 popular drinks in Vietnam.

vietnamese coffee

1. Coffee, Vietnamese star
Vietnam is the second largest coffee producer in the world, so it's understandable why coffee is a popular beverage in this country. In big cities and even in rural areas, cafes are appearing everywhere. You can drink coffee right on the sidewalk on a small plastic chair or more comfortable sitting on the terrace of a cafe. Leisurely drinking coffee, watching the streets, chatting freely with friends, is a memorable experience when you come to Vietnam. In Vietnam, you can drink hot or ice cubes, some drink with condensed milk, some like sugar. But there is one type of coffee that you must try when you come to Vietnam, it is Egg Café.

2. Tea, traditional drink
Tea is arguably the most traditional beverage in Vietnam. Tea is drunk across the country, even in the most remote regions. Tea growing in Vietnam is a tradition dating back more than 3,000 years. Vietnamese people drink tea anywhere and anytime of the day, a hot cup at the beginning of the morning, at work, but also during and after meals. Tea drinking is a complex art in Vietnam. To have a good cup of tea, you have to be very skillful and meticulous in choosing tea, making tea. The most popular is green tea, but there are also lotus tea, jasmine tea, chrysanthemum tea. You can drink hot or iced tea. Remember to enjoy a delicious cup of tea on your trip to Vietnam.

3. Smoothie
Vietnam is a fruit paradise and you will be delighted if you are a fan of fresh juices. You can find all great juices here. Enjoy a smoothie, the perfect combination of milk and fresh fruit, or treat yourself a delicious coconut water and you will not want to leave Vietnam.    

4. Beer, a great popular drink
Ah! Beer is the most popular drink in Vietnam. In Vietnam, each region and each city has their own brand of beer: Hanoi beer, Saigon beer, Ha Long beer, Hue beer. But Vietnamese especially like "bia hoi" which literally means "cold beer" in Vietnamese. It is a ridiculously low price of light beer, served in popular pubs, sidewalk pubs. But, believe me, it is the best beer. During your stay in Vietnam, don't miss drinking "bia hoi" to reward yourself with a slice of Vietnamese culture.

5. Rice wine
This glutinous rice wine, very often made by hand in the countryside, is a symbol of Vietnamese culture. Rice wine animates meals and even many celebrations like weddings. This type of wine is drunk in small glasses. But in some peoples, people sit around a jar of fermented rice wine and all drink together with a long bamboo straw.

6. Wine, a legacy of the French presence
Even when the consumption of wine in Vietnam is still very small, wine lovers are increasing and Vietnam is still producing wine. Dalat Wine was developed by the French in the early 20th century. Dalat Red Wine is the most popular wine and its characteristic flavor comes from a special blending formula including fermentation of Cardinal grape and a part of Dalat small strawberries. Rubi has a characteristic red color and strong aroma of red fruit and jam. The wine taste is light and easy to drink. And you will be extremely surprised to enjoy a great glass of wine at a very cheap price. Remember to enjoy glass of Dalat wine when coming to Vietnam.