Eating and Drinking during your Vietnam travel

Asian food has spread across the world. Many immigrants took their cuisine to North America, Europe and Australasia as they went in search of work and a new life. While Indian and Chinese cuisine were probably the forerunners, Asia has much more than that to offer and Vietnam has now gained a good reputation for its food. You cannot beat actually eating it in the country itself. Vietnam has become an increasingly popular travel destination and over 10 million overseas visitors arrived for a holiday in Vietnam in 2016. A good Vietnam travel company is able to tailor Vietnam travel packages to suit a client’s particular interests but wherever tourists go during their travelling in Vietnam, every one of them will enjoy great hospitality, the food and local drink.

eat and drinks in vietnam

It does not get much better than the religious, historical and cultural content of Vietnam, the wonderful natural environment and the great food and drink. There are street vendors selling the freshest of cooked specialities from their stalls in town and city streets, often close to local markets as well as fine restaurants in places such as Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. It would be almost criminal to order a steak with so many good alternatives in traditional Vietnamese cuisine.

You have to try Pho Bo during your Vietnam tour package. It is a very cheap meal, noodle soup with beef in it and is a popular breakfast dish. Buy it in the street from a local vendor, no problem. There is no question of health problems eating food prepared by such vendors; a busy stall means that everything is freshly cooked.

At lunchtime and in the evening, it is likely that your meal will include steamed white rice with a large range of alternatives. If you are on the coast or in the Mekong Delta, the fish on the menu is likely to be as fresh as you can buy though there is likely to be a good selection of meats and vegetables on the menu as well.

Vietnam has a huge variety of fairly exotic fruits. These days, consumer demand ensures that supermarket shelves everywhere have a wide selection of the world’s fruits. However, it is nice to eat them in the country they are grown. Dragon fruit is something to try but to be sure, make sure your fruit is peeled and washed.

Bottled mineral water is so cheap you should drink it rather than risk water on the street. There is a slight risk in iced tea as well though coffee and tea, hot. Are popular everywhere.

If you want something stronger, the draught beer is very popular and available in towns and especially cities. There is imported alcohol as well, beer, wines and spirits as well as some local ‘’brews.’’ Be adventurous and try them though only in moderation. Vietnam has wine of course but in the villages, you may be offered their own wine and alcoholic drinks. It’s up to you but be polite if you decline.