Story of Tam and Cam

Every country has its stories and if you are on aVietnam travel, there is one that resembles that of Cinderella, at least the first part and the happy ending. Vietnam travel packages reveal a very interesting country and plenty of legends to enjoy. Talk to a Vietnam travel agent and you will certainly find out more if you wish.

story of tam and cam

Many years ago, a widower lived with his daughter, Tam, when he met and married again. He was not to know that the woman he married was truly wicked. They had a daughter together whom they named Cam. The wife adored Cam but treated Tam badly, not being one of her own. Tam’s poor treatment began immediately her father remarried; she was not allowed to join a celebration banquet and was sent to bed early, and hungry. That was before Cam was born and then things got even worse. Tam’s father believed the lies his wife told him about Tam who was banished to the kitchen and told to look after herself.

She was forced to work very hard getting many menial tasks around the house. Her hands became blistered and her hair dirty and matted. One day, she looked at her image and saw how she looked. Washing her face, she looked very pretty and her step-mother realised it too, wishing even more that an accident might befall her.

Tam was sent out fishing with her step-sister who spent the day playing while Tam worked hard, catching a basketful of fish. Cam’s basket was empty but she stole Tam’s fish as she bathed in the water. Tam knew she would be beaten when she returned with an empty basket. However, the Goddess of Mercy appeared in front of her and noticed she was crying. After hearing her story, the Goddess suggested she look again in her basket where she saw a red finned fish with golden eyes. The Goddess said Tam should put the fish in the well and feed it three times a day which she duly did.

Her step-mother noticed strange behaviour in Tam but the fish never appeared when anyone else was there. However, the step-mother disguised herself in Tam’s clothes, caught the fish, killed it and ate it. The Goddess reappeared and told Tam to find the bones, bury them then a wish would be granted. She couldn’t find the bones by a chicken said she would show Tam where they were in exchange for some rice. She took the bones and buried them as instructed. Soon, she was to get jewellery, gold and dresses and was indeed a very happy girl.

When the Autumn Festival came around, she was told to stay at home and finish her work while Cam and her mother went out in their best clothes. She prayed to the Goddess for help and she made sure that her work was finished quickly so she could go to the Festival. She dressed up and went. When Cam saw her, she said to her mother that the rich lady looked like Tam; indeed, it was. Tam ran, scared she had been recognised but in her haste left a silver slipper. Soldiers picked it up and gave it to the King. The King asked every lady to try it on but it was so small, no one could get it on. The King announced that when he found the person whose slipper it was, he would make her his wife.

Tam was the last woman to try it on; it fitted and she became Queen. Cam and her step-mother were very unhappy but could do nothing about it. Tam returned home on an anniversary and following custom had to climb a tree to get nuts when requested to by her step-mother. The tree began to sway violently when she was up there because her step-mother was trying to cut it down. It crashed to the ground and Tam was killed. As she had hoped, Cam then became Queen while Tam’s spirit lived as a nightingale in the royal garden. The King was moved to tears by the nightingale’s singing and he invited it on to his sleeve. The King got a golden cage which he put in his bedroom with the bird inside. Cam became jealous of the bird who received so much attention. She killed and cooked it, throwing the feathers into the garden. Cam told the King that the nightingale had probably become bored and flown away.

Tam’s spirit however returned as a magnificent tree which bore a single golden fruit with a lovely smell. An old woman passed by and said she would keep the fruit for its smell and never eat it; the fruit dropped down into the old woman’s bag. The next day, the old woman returned home to find a tidy house and a meal on the table; magic. The next day, the old woman hid and saw a young lady come out of the fruit to start work. The old lady rushed to tear up the peel of the fruit so that the young lady couldn’t go back.  She stayed in the forest and regarded the old lady as her mother.

The King got lost in the forest one day and came across the old woman’s cottage as darkness drew in. He was offered shelter and food. He recognised it as food that Tam used to make him when she was Queen. When Tam was called the King recognised her immediately. She was restored to her position while Cam was largely ignored. When Cam sought advice about how to become whiter and more beautiful to attract the King’s attention again, Tam said the answer was to immerse herself in boiling water which she did, and died as a result. Cam’s mother wept until she was blind and died of a broken heart. Tam lived happily ever after.

Talking of happy; you will fly home after travel in Vietnam with a smile on your face and plenty of happy memories.