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Vietnam has thoroughly embraced the tourist trade. There is a visa entry system in place but there are extensive exemptions which only help the ease with which tourists can book Vietnam tour packages that Vietnam tour operators will create to their clents’ wishes. Indochina has become extremely popular with travellers who have been hearing more and more about the great experience it provides. Thailand has been popular for many years and Vietnam is catching up quickly. A Vietnam visa is a requirememnt for many nationalities but there are some notable exemptions that recognise that the easier the means of entry the more visitors are likely to come.


Vietnam’s near neighbours, Thai, Laotian, Cambodian, Malaysian and Indonesian citizens do not need a visa for stays in Vietnam for up to 30 days. Philipinos are allowed 21 days while citizens of several EU Countries are among those allowed 15 days.

If you need a visa to Vietnam there are plenty of places to obtain one as well as getting your Vietnam visa on arrival in the Country.There are embassies all over the world that provide a visa service; the fees involved often depend upon urgency and the type of visa required. There are single and multiple entry visas and genersally a postage charge if the visa is to be posted. There are times when the visa-exempt term is insufficient for the intended stay.

Travellers do not need to apply in their country of origin so it is possible to get a visa to Vietnam on their travels. If they need help and are booking a Vietnam travel package when they are already in Asia their Vietnam travel agency will certainly be able to advise and help.

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Arrival by Air
You can get a Vietnam visa on arrival but only if you are flying in.It is necessary to get what is effectively a letter of approval before you land. That confirms your suitability to be allowed to visit this lovely country. You can ask your Vietnam tour operator what you need and ask them to it to make the arrangements. Fairly recently Americans can now get a single year multiple entry visa with a maximum of 90 days in any one visit. After a visit to Vietnam you may well like to return and a multiple entry visa means things will be in place for you to do so.

It is important to ensure that you deal with a reputable company that can demonstrate the quality of its service over a period of time. The Department of Immigration in Vietnam will provide the letter with your name and travel details for onward transmission to you. When you arrive in one of the three international airports, Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City or Danang you need to present it to the Landing Visa Counter and fill in an arrivals form. You should have a passport photo with you though if you foregt there will be a small charge for taking one. You receive your visa in exchange for what you hand over.

In some instances you may be asked to show that you have the necessary documentation before you board your plane to Vietnam.

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Land Crossings
You cannot use this system for land crossings. If you are on an Indochina tour package then everything will need to be put in place before you start your holiday if you are crossing borders overland. The point is that if you use a quality tour operator to arrange your Vietnam holiday everything will be arranged for you; transport, accommodation and the main highlights of the Country. You can expect to get advice on a number of important things before you embark on your Vietnam tour. There are details relating to entry into Vietnam and your tour operator will help with everything. Those with years of experience have handled clients successfully and you can expect a similar quality service. From time to time regulations do change but with the right advice you can be certain to avoid any problems.

A Word of Warning
It is important not to overstay your welcome; extensions to your Vietnam visa are available though they are not cheap. However they are cheaper than the daily fine you will incur for every day you stay without permission.