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Our memorable trip in Viet Nam

Dear Mrs. Kim,

Thank you for your e-mail and we hope, that you are doing well.

travel vietnamWe have arrived yesterday evening safely from our memorable trip in Viet Nam and all was very well organized from you. I also wanted to write you an e-mail and thank you for your kind and professional help. The trip was just great and all the tour guides, cars and drivers always had been in time, something that we really appreciated a lot.

The first week of our travel was very busy and full with all different impressions from the beautiful various sights and places we got to see. We also were so lucky to be with an Austrian couple in our age on the Victoria Train going to and from Sapa. We made friends with these two persons and we were really lucky or maybe you arranged it very thoughtfully. Thank you for your mindfulness also to change the last part of our trip.

We just enjoyed Phu Quoc the Cassia Cottage so much and could really need a rest from the heavy traveling the day before. Thank you a lot for the changing of the plane and the professional help!

We will of course give you good recommendations on the Tripadvisor or on your website and send you nice pictures, as soon as we have sorted them out. My husband really loves to make pictures and therefore we have a lot which we have to go through before we can share them.

I now take the freedom and give you one aspect which bothered us and many other tourist and travel mates in this beautiful surrounding; it was the plastic trash on the wonderful beaches and in the sea. I know it is a difficult challenge to change this for the future, but since we all take care of the nature and it is our duty to protect it, I thought I will bring it to your attention. We as other tourists did collect the plastic trash from the beach and put it into the bins of the hotel garden.

Maybe you have the possibility to give this on to local authorities, that there will be public trash bins or better, that not everyone is putting away the plastic garbage without thinking of the nature. I know it is not up to you nor is it your responsibility, but I thought, that I give it on to you frankly – maybe this can be improved for the long run.

I hope you do not take this remark personally, but thought, that I can bring this up to you.

Once again thank you for your help and planning such a beautiful and memorable trip for us.
We will be back with photos within soon.

Thank you for all and your personal assistance,

Best regards
Petra Faber
Date: Tue, 08 Nov 2011 11:59:32 +0100