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Remarkable North Vietnam Tour

Hi Hoai,

I am well arrived in New Caledonia and come back to work ;-(. First of all, all was ok Sunday morning with the driver to transport me to the airport ; Thank you again for this last service.

Now, as promised, I want to give you a feedback about all my trip with Vivutravel. The trip in Halong Bay was very nice, particularly the excursions (visite of the cave, kayaking near the rocks, and the great point of view from Titof Island). Even if he was not present during the cruise, I really appreciated the explanations of the guide (your brother-in-law). He told me that he is specialised in tour in the North of Vietnam with trekking, which is a good information for a next travel.

Concerning our tour in the North, it was my « coup de cœur ». I fall in love with the landscapes and with the cultures. Some mountains and places were very amazing, above all with the rice crops ! People are adorable and true. Huong and me liked very much the homestay experience. I think it is important to see how people live, how they cook etc…and share with them around a dinner to better understand their way of life, and finally to have a full experience in a trip. We were astonished that all the homestays, the small restaurants where we ate in some small towns, were very well equipped with Wifi. No need a 4G card ! Wifi was everywhere. The programs was very appreciated : Mu Cang Chai, Sapa, Dong Van, Ba Be…We just asked to change a part of this program in Sapa. Instead of trekking all the day, we wanted to see Fancipan Mount and take the cable car. For us, it was incontournable to see the most important summit of Vietnam and of Indochina. So, we did the summit in the morning and a trek in the afternoon. The weather was great all along the tour.

Concerning, the driver, Trung, we have nominated him as our favourite one lol The best driver of the year !! Usually, we don’t have a driver in our life of everyday, but Trung is obviously a good driver. The road was particularly difficult (foam, winding road, animals, children, people, motorbikes…) and he was always careful and had self-control. We never saw him nervous – he is a self-control man lol

I guess it is due to his experience and his good temper. He was always helpful and discrete. A very kind guy !

We appreaciated too our guide, « Mingh ». We had interesting discussions, some funny discussions too ;-). He always answered to our questions in french even if Huong can understand Vietnamian language, and told us when he didn’t know something. We really enjoyed the trekking we did in Mu Cang Chai with him.

All trip was really remarkable for me. And Hoai, you were professional, reactive and very kind with us. We really appreciated this.
Thank you again for this trip and for the team who contributed to this road trip. I certainly recommend Vivutravel and you, to my relatives in New Caledonia.

Kind regards
Sylvie BRIER