Customer Testimonials

Review of our Vietnam holiday

Dear Kim,

I apologize for the delayed response to your last, lovely email.  We arrived back home to holidays, jet lag, and family obligations!   So I'm just now beginning to catch up.

I wanted to thank you again for taking such good care of us while we were in Vietnam. It was our most memorable trip ever - full of wonderful people, places, and activities.  For all that (and more!), we are ever so grateful to you.  In addition to planning so meticulously, and creating  the perfect agenda, you took all the worry out of our Vietnam holiday.  You have no idea what a great relief it was to arrive (and depart)  airports and multiple cities in 2 different countries, knowing someone from Vivutravel would be there for us.  There was none of the usual guess work and glitches we've  often experienced on our self-guided/self-planned holidays.  Instead, we were perfectly relaxed and carefree - knowing you worked out all the logistic burdens, lovely accommodations, and interesting itineraries.

I can't say enough good things about our excellent drivers. There was never a moment we felt uncomfortable or unsafe as passengers. These men were  prompt, polite, helpful, professional, and ever patient  with my husband's need for unscheduled bathroom stops along our route.  The drives to destinations felt like we were on road trips with members of our own family.

As for  our lovable  guides, we would welcome each and every one of them as guests in our home!  We were SO happy with your choices!  They were extraordinarily knowledgeable without overwhelming us with too much information at any one time.  (They seemed to know how much history and culture two old and sometimes weary travelers  could absorb in each location!)  They each had  a unique  sense of humor, which we found delightful. Their lively explanations made learning fun. They were  like friends -incredibly generous with their time and expertise - never rushing us through the day's presentations  so they could drop us off and enjoy some free time on their own. We found their sincere desire to please  us heartwarming.   (On reflection, treating visitors with kindness, patience, and a sense of humor  seems to be one of Vietnam's national treasures!)   

I know  my message has been very long- winded. And yet there is so much more I could say by way of compliments. But I've taken enough of your time. Just know we will always remember you fondly. If ever you and your family have an opportunity to visit New York, we would love to offer you our home and hospitality.  

We wish you health, happiness, and continued success at what you do so well.   

Maria and Ed