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Vietnam and Cambodia tour in style

Hi Dung,

l perfectly understand the issue about the name. Mine is also not so easy to be pronounced or remembered that, when i lived in Australia, I used to shorten it in Fabi and pronounce it in the English way (or sometimes simply change it in Sarah ;-)

I will write a review on TripAdvisor saying that: as a quite experienced traveler and a travel consultant myself, I was more than satisfied with the services, they were absolutely value for money, especially compared to what we can get in Europe.

As a travel agent myself I would like to share just with you some comments or tips that may be useful to improve some services:

- Mekong resort: the way to reach the Mekong resort is barely reachable with a minivan; there is a very narrow gate and bridge and I guess the driver had a hard time to drive us there (and come back). so I would suggest you not to send there anything else bigger than a car. The next morning we walked up to the main street (just 100m far away) and waited there for the bus to come, not to make the driver driving there again.

- Sapa Dragon hotel: the hotel is nice, the staff is extremely friendly and helpful, they always remember the room numbers by heart etc but a bit more attention to detail will make it a top hotel (i.e. the towels in my rooms were a bit shabby, despite being perfectly clean, but a worn out towel does not look good);

- Ancora cruise: our cabin was fantastic, huge, with a top position and balcony but both our cabin and in one of the others of our party, there were some things to be fixed. I have informed directly the cruise manager about those things, but those things should have been reported in advance by the house keepers. We had book a 3/4 star hotel tour so that one was surely an upgrade but for someone that books a five-star hotel tour that cruise is not the right, or at least not yet. Is a good 4* (because is nice, staff is very welcoming, food is good).

The above comments are just for your reference and internal use; They are just small things that can be improved for a top service with "no way for complains".

I wish you a happy new and successful year of the pig!!

Fabiola, Paolo, Daniela, Katia & Vanessa. (Traveled in Vietnam in Jan 2019)

Ps: if you could send us the picture we took all together in the office, we will appreciate! Thanks :-)