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 8 Reasons to Choose a Vietnam Vacation

Vietnam has passed the annual figure of 10 million visitors and the numbers are still rising. It is clear that when people begin to think about vacations, a Vietnam vacation is getting plenty of consideration, and lots of positive decisions. There are obvious reasons for this and here are 08 reasons why when you think about your next vacation, Vietnam should be on your short list.

•    The Capital of Vietnam, Hanoi, has become one of the most popular cities of Asia with overseas tourists. This has come about because it offers so much variety; modern and traditional, colonial architecture, museums that tell the story of the City over many centuries and an atmosphere created by the narrow streets, ‘’fast food’’ and the markets. It is a place where tourists could spend several days just absorbing the atmosphere.  It is certainly a hectic place with plenty of traffic but there is no reason to regard that as negative unless you are trying the cross the road.

•    If you want to enjoy quality time on a beautiful beach without too many crowds, a Vietnam vacation may be just what you are looking for .American GIs enjoyed their breaks from hostilities during the Vietnam War on the Coast of Central Vietnam near Danang. They were initially surprised by the lovely coastline of a Country in the middle of a struggle but they talked very positively about the lovely beaches. The Vietnam Coastline is almost 3,500 kilometres long and there are many lovely stretches of beach. Holiday resorts have grown with tourist numbers with Central and Southern Vietnam the home of many of them. Add the number of beautiful islands in Vietnam and you have all you want from a vacation.

•    The coast has more than beaches. Halong Bay in north east Vietnam is a stunning Bay with around 2,000 limestone islands. Cruising amongst the islands, sleeping on the waters overnight and exploring by day is a dream. UNESCO has recognised the Bay as a World Heritage site and when you see it, you will understand why. There are numerous fishing villages around the 120 kilometres of bay; the houses on stilts are a real sight.  The Bay is due east of Hanoi and very easy to access. In high season, it will be busy but that does not really spoil your enjoyment of the place.

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•    If you enjoy walking in an unspoilt natural environment, a Vietnam vacation will satisfy your passion. If you head into the Northern Highlands up towards the border with China, you will come into contact with ethnic tribes who live very much the same as they have done for centuries except the arrival of tourists has brought a larger market for some of their traditional handicrafts. The Northern Highlands is home to waterfalls and mountains, a lovely part of the Country.

•    The Mekong is an iconic river. It rises on the Tibetan Plateau, flowing essentially south until it reaches Vietnam where it spreads out into a huge delta. There are towns and cities in the Delta but it is also possible to take to narrow channels running through small villages and orchards. This is the most fertile region of Vietnam with its goods sold in morning markets to everyone from food processing companies and wholesalers to restaurants and ordinary families. It will mean an early start but visiting one of these markets is a unique experience.

•    If you are interested in religions, then a Vietnam vacation may be just the place for you. Although Buddhism is prevalent throughout Vietnam, it is not the official religion of the Country. There are other elements in the religions that the ordinary people follow. Taoism and Confucianism have roles to play but arguably ancestor worship is more important than both of them. There are plenty of festivals held throughout the year, and it each, a family will remember its ancestors. There is likely to be a small altar in every home while the local temples are the place where everyone heads at some time during the celebrations.

•    The Vietnamese people are a joy, forever smiling even if life is sometimes difficult. They are naturally hospitable people but you should learn a few basic etiquette rules so that you do not cause any offence, even by accident. The include not pointing with your feet in any way, not touching anyone’s head and also dressing appropriately at all religious sites. And remember, don’t lose your temper through frustration; it can cause offence. Meeting local people is one of the real pleasures of a vacation and there will be plenty of opportunity to do so in Vietnam.

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•    Asian cuisine spread across the world centuries ago. Vietnamese cuisine is a more recent arrival in other parts of the world, but it is making an impact recently. There are many dishes served throughout Vietnam by street vendors. You can learn to make one or two of them if you take a cookery lesson which is offered by many Vietnam tours. You will start by visiting the market for the ingredients, cook them, and then eat what you have produced. It will certainly impress family and friends if you cook for them after you return home from your Vietnam vacation.

There are excellent Vietnam travel agents who will happily discuss a Vietnam tour package with you, including the main highlights. There is plenty of impressive architecture, a reminder of the French colonialists, interesting museums, temples and palaces as well as historical reminders of the Vietnam War. Vietnam remains largely rural and exploring villages or even booking a homestay in one of them is something a little different. It is a simple exercise to get a Vietnam visa which is available on arrival. An increasing number of tourists are heading to Vietnam and the positive messages they are taking home with them seem certain to ensure an ongoing growth in the number of people picking a Vietnam vacation in the very near future.

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