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Let's welcome all of you to the journey of life that I experience. If you are looking for a vacation and are confused about where to start, then I have the perfect getaway for you. Don't look to spend your time in Vietnam. Because Vietnam is a junction of nature's beauty, monuments, and cultural heritage, it just mesmerises your imagination. Undoubtedly, this country is a treasure trove of fantastic locations and hidden monuments that are waiting to be explored by visitors. You can also enjoy the fascinating lifestyle of locales and war memorials, which show stories of the Vietnam War. In this context, all aspects can't be discussed. But I try my best to give you more and more useful information, which will definitely help others when they choose Vietnam for tours and also be helpful for those who want a suitable Vietnam vacation package by choosing a proper agency if they require it.

In Vietnam, you find a lot of places that are well known by visitors, but here I will discuss some unknown places that have a lot to offer.

Some of the inclusive vacation packages are discussed below:

1. The Bac Son Valley, or painter's paradise:
The painter's paradise, which is situated nearly 160 km from Hanoi in the northern part of Vietnam.You can observe the beauty of cultivated rice and flower fields as far as your eye can see. The rural part of Vietnam changes its colour for every season and makes an imaginable canvas of colours that attracts photographers.

Get ready to capture the bliss of Bac Son Valley, situated in the Lang Son province of Vietnam, with a 4-day vacation package. This rural outfit is the best place for forest trekking and also captures the sunset and sunrise views with the background coverage of the vast rice fields. Try to move in groups instead of individually because it suits your pocket more.

2. Cao Bang City, the Northern Paradise:
This is also situated in the northern part of Vietnam, which is a bordered region that shares its border with other cities and is only 30 km away from China's Guangxi region. If I were to tell you the exact location of Cao Bang City, it is the capital of the Cao Bang Province of Vietnam. Mind my words, friends, it is a good inclusion in your Vietnam vacation packages.

cao bang tour

3. Yen Tu Mountain:
Yen Tu Mountain, the renowned Buddhist site, is not far from Hanoi. You can also call it one of the spiritual wonders of Vietnam. You can move through tropical forests and monasteries to reach the summit. Where you observe an eye-catching view with a sense of peace that keeps you feeling better.

4. The Ba Be Lake is a must-include for Vietnam vacation packages:
The Ba Be Lake is also situated in the northern part of Vietnam; you can say it is an aquatic gem. The Ba Be Lake is the largest natural freshwater lake present in Vietnam, surrounded by limestone landscapes and lush forests. The hidden gem offers a lot of activities like boat trips, trekking to mountains, etc.

5. Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park the oldest cave architecture:
The Underground Mysteries of Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park is a good inclusion in your Vietnam packages. Also, this national park has a cave system that is the oldest in Southeast Asia. The largest cave, Son Doong Cave, is there waiting for visitors to explore.

6. Ha Giang is the creation of nature:
Again come with the northern beauty and you can say the creativity of God. stunning landscapes with friendly people who help visitors explore those at their very best. The place is mainly situated in Ha Giang Province, which is bordered by China. If you want to explore the beauty of this region completely then the best time to visit is from September to November.

7. Pu Luong Retreat and Activities:
Tuck yourself in the hillside with a lot of greenery, which offers you panoramic views. You also spend at least two days retreating to feel the essence of nature's creativity. Throughout your journey, by joining with the tribes, you can learn about the lifestyle of those tribes on the hillside and interact with them. Believe my words, they are more friendly and always there to stand with you. You can enjoy guided hikes and taste foods with them. You can also enjoy the yoga sessions with the trainer present there by enjoying the aroma of fresh air.

Making every moment count and amenities for travellers that are included in your Vietnam vacation packages:

pu luong tour

1. Accommodation during the trip:
Vacation packages include comfortable stays in premium lodges, which include must-have amenities for visitors.

2. Transportation facilities for visitors:
Travel within Vietnam is convenient, which includes buses and private vehicles on rent. You can also explore some parts of Vietnam by walking rather than by using a vehicle to see its unspoiled beauties.

3. Guided tours will explore more:
I always prefer guided tours. It may charge you extra pennies, but the amount of knowledge you have does not match anything. The expert guides you to each destination that you planned for, giving you a complete insight into the history that declares the tremendous significance of those sites.

These are generally the few pieces of information regarding some wonders that are not spoken of regularly. There are also a lot of places in Vietnam that you need to explore. I mentioned some names; here is just a short approach to describing the beauty of this country.

As I come to the end of writing about my journey to Vietnam and exploring the hidden treasures of the country, I am always reminded of the beauty that lies all around me. For me, these Vietnam vacations are more than travel. They are a direct passage to unforgettable experiences,create great connections with nature, and provide an understanding of nature as the best creator. So, be ready to explore the unexplored lands of Vietnam. If you choose an individual trip, always choose the best Vietnam vacation packages and all the places that you want to explore. Finalise a guide for you and move forward for the best experiences. Always select packages that promise to reveal the hidden secrets of Vietnam in the most effective way possible. Until then, choose places by surfing the internet, checking the reason to visit and dreaming of them. Then plan your adventure and execute it with an open heart. For your knowledge, I share a great travel partner that I believe in and have associated with for my entire tour to Vietnam. The name is Vivu Travel. You can contact them through mail or call them to get a direct response. They have taken care of all aspects of your adventure and you can enjoy the trip more rather than thinking about other needs.

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