Ba Be Lake is about 210 km from the capital Hanoi and just west of the nearest town, Cho Ra. The lake, thought to have been formed 200 million years ago, varies in size between the dry and monsoon season. In similar limestone regions lakes can become completely dry but not Ba Be; it is never shallower than 17 metres and at its deepest it is 35 metres. It runs 8 km north – south and at 150 meters above sea level it is also the highest in the Country. Ba Be Lake has been ranked within the 20 most beautiful freshwater lakes of the world and in 2012, it was recognized as a special National landscape monument.

Tour in Ba Be Lake:

  • Day 1: Hanoi - Ba Be
  • Day 2: Ba Be - Ban Gioc water fall - Nguom Ngao cave - Cao Bang
  • Day 3: Cao Bang - Hanoi

Ba Be travel guide: 

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