Vietnam's Successful Battle Against COVID-19
Vietnam has successfully won in the fight against Covid 19 so far and become a model and example for many other countries. The world is writing about our success with praise. At the time of writing, there are 271 cases totally confirmed in Vietnam, 232 cases recovered, 39 cases in hospital, no death. below are the brief reasons why Vietnam wins the fight.

- Early mesures: As soon as reported by a "strange flu" in WuHan, China (December 2019). Vietnam took action by building steps and mesures to cope with. 

- Large - scale quarantine: Vietnam prepared so many "Quarantine centers" around the countries and used all channels to provide information about the virus. How to keep the virus away, how to stay safe, etc.

- Free food, test and treatments: People are offered free "Food" in all quarantine centers in 14 days. Free test when needed and free treatments for all infected people for both Vietnamese and foreigners. 

- One Party: Most Vietnamese people beleive that "One party state" with government's bodies from central to local authorities help to control the virus well. It is quick to take action. The slogan "Leave noone behind" touched people's hearts and "Fighting against Coronavirus like fighting against enemies" really encouraged the people.

- People: Vietnamese people have a strong family relationship and care for each others. This is why Vietnamese stay "safe" and follow social distancing to minimize the risk and the spread of the virus.

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