Den Sang is a land bearing the cultural imprint of the Red Dao people with famous customs such as graduating, jumping fire, processing tobacco from forest trees. Den Sang still has a wild and pure beauty.

Tourists can come to see the terraced fields all year round. However, the end of August and the beginning of September every year when the rice is golden is the best time to see the terraced fields herQe. In the ripe rice season, the terraced fields in Den Sang valley is lined up neatly, each step, and charmingly cover the folds of the H'mong and Dao people scattered in the valley. The terraced fields are located right next to the road, so you can easily keep for yourself the best pictures. Indeed, it is not enough to describe only the terraced fields in Bat Xat in one word "Beautiful". That beauty is so impressive and welcoming that you won't be able to stop admiring it.

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