Feedback from Danielle after travelling with Vivutravel:

"Hey beautiful people! Only a week back, several inches of snow in the NC mountains and already wishing I was back in Vietnam! For the LGBT community, Vietnam is amazing. The people are so kind. My wife and I felt extremely safe, welcomed and at ease while traveling. It is relatively a very safe place. It was a much needed break from our current state of fear in the US. In some of the more tourist areas, caution is given mostly for theft. The prices are extremely reasonable and cost effective for the level of service they offer. I plan to arrange a trip there every year, so if you want to try an amazing adventure, please join us. It is a Kind and respectful society, and it's punishments, I understand are harsh so if you can't control yourself, Vietnam is not for you.

We travel often, sometimes by travel agency, sometimes not. This time we used a travel agency because we wanted to visit several areas and weren't familiar yet with the countries customs. I am glad we used a travel agency especially when we had the pleasure of meeting Tienthong Bui. I highly recommend using him, especially your first time as his knowledge, respect and love for his country oozes from his veins. He had to make changes on the fly to our schedule, when basically our day was thrown into reverse because of a political visit happening while we were touring. We still managed to have a great day and he taught me a most important life to cross the street. It is quiet the challenge for the new visitor. We only really spent the day with him, but Cường Tự Mạch left a very memorable mark with us a well. His youthful presence in the Mekong River made the day fly by and we plan to sing Karoake next time! Just ask him and if he doesn't know, he will find out. His "no worry" attitude is just what I needed.

So whether you go on your own or come with us next time, I promise it is a life experience you will enjoy for years to come. One of the best and most affordable vacations we've ever had and the pho (I so miss the fresh food). We used VivuTravel which has a range of activities and tours to choose from. They use many tour companies so my only suggestion is do your research online to make sure the activities actually match what you intend to do. Also, like any other tourist industries, there are tourists traps here. But no pressure to buy and haggling is widely accepted and expected. There is something for every type of traveler in Vietnam. Next time we plan to do a little more countryside, but we will locate the most memorable experiences we can find to share. Hope next time you'll join us. I'll keep you updated and let you know soon and estimated date. But it will be in the winter as it is the coolest time there. Love and Travels!"

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