Rural Vietnam Experiences

06, April, 2016

Rural Vietnam Experiences

Vietnam is perfect destination to visit in Asia. However, not so many travelers know about rural areas in Vietnam. That is why I would like to suggest travelers some beautiful places where you can be easy to combine in your Vietnam tour.

+ Around Hanoi:

1. Chuong Conical Hat village
Located in Thanh Oai district, Hanoi city Chuong conical hat village is very famous for its special product, it is conical leaf hat. In this village, most of generations in the family know how to make conical hats. After harvest time, they make hats to increase their incomes, improve their living standards and contribute to bettering their home village.

2. Nom ancient village
Located in Hung Yen province, only 30km from Hanoi, traveling to Nom ancient village, you will enjoy the fresh air from peaceful village where people still keep their traditional lifestyles, you can see the old market, temple which were built more than 200 years ago or more than, because the oldest person in the village also does not remember how old this village is.

3. Dan Phuong peanut candy village
Dan Phuong is located in the west of Hanoi only half an hour driving, you can reach to Dan Phuong where travelers have a great chance to visit craft village, local communal house, pagoda, temple, local friendly villagers.

4. Cu Da village
Located in Thanh Oai district, only 20km from Hanoi. This is very beautiful ancient village in the north of Vietnam where people still keep their traditional houses of hundred years old, French style villas, beautiful pagoda, factories of sauce and vermicelli. Travelling to Cu Da village you can really be immersed in the Vietnamese culture.

+ Around Hue:

1. Thuy Bieu, Authentique village
Only 5 km from Hue city central, traveling to Thuy Bieu, you will take a cruise along the Perfume river then take a cycling to village where you can see the daily life of local people, enjoy the fresh air from green gardens.

+ Around Hoian:

1. Cam Thanh fisherman village
Cam Thanh village is well-known as a new sightseeing and ecotourism village. Traveling to this village, you can see so many traditional houses, besides you also can take part in their activities under guideline of local people.

2. Tra Que vegetable village
Tra Que vegetable village is located only 2 km from Hoian ancient town. Travelling to Tra Que, you will have a great chance to take part in the daily activities of local people such as picking up seaweed, land boarding, making beds, transplanting vegetable, watering greens.

+ Around Saigon:

1. Mekong Detal rural life
Not so far from Saigon, Mekong Delta is well-known with its tropical seasonal fruits, floating fish farms, floating markets, friendly local people. Travelling to Mekong Delta, you will have chance to experience Mekong’s rural life, country roads throughout the villages, breathing fresh air , see the people’s daily activities and enjoy coconut juice.
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