Information for Vietnam family tour

07, April, 2016

Information for Vietnam family tour

Have you ever traveled to Vietnam with your family? Do you know anything about Vietnam? Are you concerned about it? If yes, Vivutravel would like to share you some information that may be useful to you when you are planning your Vietnam holiday.

1. Before traveling to Vietnam, you should choose the suitable destinations in your Vietnam holiday that your family would like to do. If you cannot imagine, please contact us, our travel experts will help you to plan the best Vietnam tour and make sure that the destinations we offer you are very beautiful to visit, Interesting to explore and relaxing to rest.

2. To suit your budget, please carefully choose the suitable accommodations for your Family such as comfortable, convenient, safe, nearby walking distance. Hotel has connecting room, family room, kid-garden, swimming pool.

3. Before travelling to Vietnam, you should plan the suitable activities for your kids. If not, you can contact travel agent to ask about this and please give travel agent clearly information about your age, kid’s age then we can suggest you the best activities which you can spend time together.

4. Before travelling to Vietnam, you should buy travel insurance for your family, because it is necessary during your Vietnam trip. You should buy it at the same time as you book your Vietnam tour, and this is the best way if you have to cancel your trip or for some other reasons.