Tra Su melaleuca forest, An Giang

15, April, 2016

Tra Su melaleuca forest, An Giang

With the beauty of nature and tranquility, Tra Su indigo forest is a fascinating tourist destination attracts many visitors, when they come to the south of Vietnam. Located in Van Giao Commune, Tinh Bien district, An Giang province and far away from Chau Doc city about 20km and the border of Vietnam - Cambodia 10km. That is also a advantage for visitors to participate in Vietnam and Cambodia tours.

Coming to Tra Su melaleuca forest whatever season of the year you can still see the precious animals and eat a lot of delicious cuisines, but perhaps at the time of September and October when An Giang in flooding season will be a lot nicer. With an area of 845 ha, Tra Su is a home to 140 plant species, 11 mammal species and 23 fish species, including rare species with a great value in science. That is reason why Tra Su forest deserves typical types of mangrove forests in the South.

Visitors are not only attracted by the beauty of nature, but also by the specialties of this wetland, for instance, Linh fish. Other specialities of the southwestern region are DienDien flowers and wild vegetables.It's great to enjoy these delicious dishes with the relatives, so that Vietnam family tour packages also are common here.

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