5 best images for a photograph tour in Vietnam

20, April, 2016

5 best images for a photograph tour in Vietnam

If you are looking for a beautiful country to plan your photograph tour, Vietnam should not be missed. The country has a lot of photogenic sites offering various opportunities for photo hunters. Traveling to Vietnam, you will surely find amazing corners for life-time photos of spectacular landscapes, colorful ethnic people & daily life activities. As below, we advise you 5 best images that can be caught in your Vietnam photo tour.

Sapa is praised as a top destination for photo tours in Vietnam. When traveling to Sapa, you can capture colorful shots of terraced rice fields in its yellow or harvesting time. Best time to travel to Sapa is at the end of August till the middle of September. Besides that, portrait photos of ethnic people with hidden beauty also attract a lot of photographers.

Sunset and sunrise in Halong Bay is one of the greatest shots in a photography tour in Vietnam as they are unique and unlike to any other site. You will stay overnight on board and cruise around the bay of thousands of islands and islets while waiting for sunset and sunrise time.

Traveling to the centre, Hoi An ancient town is famous for its featured images of quiet, peaceful and ancient streets. You are really lucky if visiting to Hoi An in lantern festival as you can capture sparkling photos of hundreds of lanterns on streets in the evening.

If you travel to the South, floating markets in Mekong Delta will provide wonderful pictures of bustling trading scenes on the rivers. The photos are also adorned with local wooden boats & local people in Vietnamese silk ensemble.

Besides above sites, many photographers are very interested in shooting photos of crazy traffic in rush hours at big cities such as Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh. Your photos caught in the evening will be marvelous with shimmering lights from vehicles and traffic lampposts.