Can Gio Mangrove Forest Tour

21, April, 2016

 Can Gio Mangrove Forest Tour

If you are looking a Vietnam tour with kids that the members of family can enjoy exploring new and unique areas, the following destination which we would like to introduce is really suitable for Vietnam family tour.

Located far from the center of Ho Chi Minh City about 50km to the South, Can Gio mangrove forest is one of the ideal eco-tourism places and the most beautiful biosphere reserve in Southeast Asia recognized by UNESCO.

In Can Gio forest there is an ecosystems of 700 aquatic species, 137 fish species, more than 40 vertebrate species, 130 species of birds alive. Many precious species of birds and increasing in herd very quickly. Coming here visitors will have opportunity to see these animals playing on the tree branch. In particular there is a place called "Monkey Island", where naughty monkeys frolic with visitors carefreely, eat food that visitors give deliciously, sometimes surreptitiously snatch the guest's hat and climb quickly up the tree. The more the monkeys are mischievous, the more visitors feel nostalgic when they're apart.

If moving by sea, canoe or boat will take you to enjoy the the riverside landscape, the typical flora of mangroves and other types of aquatic fishing by Can Gio fishermen. Relax amongst peaceful wild forests, sail through the canal is surrounded by lush green mangroves and enjoy a clean atmosphere. Perhaps, any visitor who has ever had the tour to Vietnam and Cambodia would realize the familiarity of this riverscape.

Unlike other beaches, Can Gio beach is a quite uncrowded place as well as the appropriate destination for the family tour when all members together swim, play games, experience collecting crabs and catching snails with fishermen. Because the service is still not much here so you can be assured to avoid the noise and bustle as the other popular tourist destinations.

After a tiring day of sightseeing, the whole family will be together to enjoy delicious and tasty seafood dishes in the warm atmosphere with a lot of laughters. Some special cruises like the Cum crab, or kinds of prawn you can grill, steam arbitrarily. In short, during the Can Gio Forest tour, you will explore Giant Bat Lagoon by rowing boat, visit a crocodile reserve, trek through mangrove jungle, meet monkeys and enjoy a spot of bird watching. Your Les Rives chef will serve a traditional Vietnamese lunch. And there are still many interesting activities, but perhaps we would not mention because we would like you to experience yourself and feel.