Tipping in Vietnam

09, May, 2016

Tipping in Vietnam

According to Business Insider, a US business and entertainment website. Vietnam is one of the 18 countries that you do have to leave a tip. However, as a local and experienced tour operator in Vietnam, Vivutravel sees that even though, tipping is not common in Vietnam, but people who work in tourism industry as a tour guide, driver and other service providers for foreign tourists will expect tip because tip is an income for them and encourages them a lot.

When traveling in Vietnam, it is always advised to check with your travel consultant, tour guide who you should tip and how much? if not, you can get confused and it can cause you problem with  some certain tours such as; cycling tour in Hanoi, sampan trip in Tam Coc or Trang An in Ninh Binh.

General tipping guide
1. Tour guide: From US$ 10 - US$ 15 per day per small group from 2- 6 pax. Bigger group is from US$ 15 - US$ 20 per day.
2. Driver:  From US$ 5- US$ 10 per day per small group from 2- 6 pax. Bigger group is from US$ 10 - US$ 15 per day.

tipping in vietnam

Traveling with Vivutravel
Before coming, your travel consultant at Vivutravel will give you tipping information and during your tour in Vietnam, Vivutravel's tour guides will also support you this. We control our services and we care your every step so that you worry nothing but enjoy your time in Vietnam with us.