What makes Vietnam become a great destination for your vacation

10, May, 2016

What makes Vietnam become a great destination for your vacation

If you are looking for a place to learn about the cultural values, enjoy the delicious dishes with attractive flavors or experience a specific lifestyle of Asians, Viet Nam will be a great destination you and your family. When planning a trip to Viet Nam, you will be astounded with all of the things that there is to see and do. Viet Nam is a gentle and safe country with a magnificent complex of modern and traditional culture. You can also plan for Vietnam family tour, because your whole family will surely love Vietnam for the following list outlines which about the sights and sounds make Viet Nam the perfect vacation destination:

Pho or Noodle soup - typical dishes of Vietnam - not to be missed. Visitors can find countless noodle shops from North to South, in every corner of the street. Hanoi is considered as the homeland of Pho, however, in the South, especially in Ho Chi Minh City, Pho is "diversified" in order to better suit to individual taste, each region. This is really delicious dishes that visitors cannot forget.

Vietnamese coffee
Perhaps not many people know that Vietnam is the second largest coffee-producing countries in the world's (after Brazil). Coffee in Vietnam with the taste is strong enough to "seduce" those who love coffee. A favorite kind of coffee of Vietnamese is filter coffee- a simple but subtle drink.

Take some time to enjoy the coffee drops slowly filtered to experience the most excellent taste, drink with ice and a little condensed milk. Vietnamese people usually "sip" in spare time.

vietnamese coffee

Most of the tourists have said that Vietnam is one of the destinations in the world with affordable prices, that why visitors can stay in Viet Nam longer than expected without in fear of running out of money. Some people also said that they only spend 5 USD (110,000 VND) to eat in a day, and they were surprised at price in this country.

The energy of life
Not many places in the world there is also a life full of energy like in Vietnam. In Hanoi, you will see the bustling scene where is known as "36 streets" with fairs full of all kinds of goods, or the sidewalks full of coffee shops.

If you want to enjoy more exciting atmosphere, Ho Chi Minh city will be the best place for you. Dubbed "the city does not sleep", Saigon attracts tourists by the modern, dynamic and youthful, energetic features.

The beach filled with sunshine
Vietnam has a coastline of over 2400 kilometers, so visitors can rest assured when travelling along 2/3 of the country are able to visit interesting tourist beaches. In particular, popular destinations for cruises such as Nha Trang, Da Nang, Phu Quoc, etc. definitely make visitors feel comfortable with picturesque beaches, the mountains and all the small islands around.

Street food
The pavement eatery is a very familiar characteristics of Vietnam. This country is considered as a "eating paradise" because roadside eatery offers almost everything from beef noodle soup, broken rice, steamed sticky rice to stuffed pancake, pancako. Especially, Rough Guides magazine has released a list of 20 best dishes, including Vietnam's bread.

Beautiful scenery
Coming to the northwest - where there are a lot of spectacular mountains and is the preferable destination of the "backpacker" so as to admire original and beautiful landscapes here. From the mountainous towns like Sa Pa it is possible to see the terraced fields-the characteristic image of Northwest, with undulating mountains behind. In the condition without the thick fog, visitors can walk for hours to explore the mountain forests and the life of people here.

vietnam scenery

Ha Long Bay
The name "Ha Long" is translated as "where dragons fly into the sea", evokes a mystical space surrounds the bay. Scattered around the bay are thousands of islands, caves and a few reefs. Ha long Bay "mesmerized" tourists with poetic nature, fresh air and besides that taking a boat on Ha long Bay is the best way to fully enjoy the sights and admire panoramic view of this world Cultural Heritage.

Floating Market
When it comes to the Mekong Delta, the floating market cannot be ignored - a characteristic type of market in this vast wetland. Floating Market is the place where trafficking activities of the local people take place. Visitors can take a boat and buy a full range of products, especially tropical fruits such as pineapple, mango, jackfruit, ... as well as experience the feeling of buying and selling on the river. It is really interesting that perhaps any foreign visitors coming to Vietnam also want to try once.

Each year in Vietnam there are many festivals, most of them are calculated by the lunar calendar like such as Mid-Autumn Festival, Huong Pagoda Festival, Tet Holiday and so on. Besides, Vietnam is also no shortage of modern festivals such as the international fireworks competition in Da Nang - an occasion for cultural exchanges among participating countries as well as promoting tourism and image of Da Nang in particular and Vietnam in general with international friends.

festivals in vietnam

Vietnamese people are pretty and friendly.
One thing is undeniable and many visitors have been recognized, it's that Vietnamese women are very beautiful. The first time to visit Vietnam, you may be impressed by the little Vietnamese girl, wearing "Ao Dai" with very sweet voice.

Everywhere you visit, you will be welcomed by the hospitable locals. You can also catch somewhere innocent smiles of the Northwest babies, an image will be very memorable in your journey.

Rich historical tradition
Vietnam witnessed a lot of historical changes because of having been invaded over the centuries, the influence of colonial culture can be seen everywhere. They are the house bears the stamp of China, France, the United States style anywhere, the historic sites, prisons, museums always hide a special story.

Therefore, let’s choose yourself a Vietnam tour packages to day in order to explore this wonderful country.