Nuoc Mooc Stream – a new tourist attraction in central Vietnam

13, May, 2016

Nuoc Mooc Stream – a new tourist attraction in central Vietnam

Hidden under murky and dense jungle canopy covering towering limestone cliffs, Nuoc Mooc spring as a mysteriously clear rubies bring Phong Nha - Ke Bang sunny National Park (Quang Binh) a slightly cool breeze in the boiling hot summer of hot and dry westerly wind. And in this article we would like to recommend this destination as a tourist attractions and places worth to see for tourists among our Vietnam tour packages. Coming to Nuoc Mooc ecotourism routes visitors will have opportunity to discover the diversity of precious species in natural heritage of the world after following a narrow trail that led down into the woods. Visitors can relax and enjoy the moments of comfort when immersed in the wonderful cool water at the confluence between Nuoc Mooc stream and Chay river.

The first thing impress you when you come here is the strange features of this land, located near the Ho Chi Minh Trail to the west, in Central Vietnam scorched by the Lao's wind, after a couple of steps away the atmosphere has changed. Not only under the jungle canopy's shade, but even when standing on the large rock middle the stream, the sun was blazing overhead, the wind still blowing behind, but still very comfortably cool, as though lost in strange regions.

This cotourism route passes through a dense limestone forest, along some small springs of Nuoc Mooc stream and Chay river. Besides the opportunity to learn about the national park and the biological diversity of this region, tourists can admire the unique beauty of some species such as birds, dragonflies and a variety of flora (including the famous orchids). Nuoc Mooc is also attractive by white butterflies everywhere. Butterflies play on the treetops, become attached to each other above wildflowers, flutter on clear blue water and chase after visitors, even perch on their shoulder or hair. 

White Butterflies are everywhere, after going for a while the space as opening up, rolling mountains joining, streams gently flowing, stretching under the foot of a small waterfall. The little rock lying around the stream. Blue stream as if fascinates your footsteps, along the road going into the forest, then seems to be lost in the world of trees, sky, mountains and water.
Lovely slim bamboo bridges reflected on the winding stream currents. Sunbeams dance with blue waters, one side is the majestic cliffs, the other is jungle. It's really an indescribably dreamy scene!

Clear water while passing through rocks quietly, while flowing sluggishly inside the boulder called Dao Tien beach, Tam Hop beach ... sometime swirling and creating dazzling white foam on the moss-covered reef. Sometimes mysterious stream suddenly disappears into the rock's cleft, the only remaining thing is the rattling sound of running water from the ground, all of a sudden outpours like rising from one another rocks. From above the wooden bridge, visitors can enjoy watching blue water and small fish running here and there under stream.

Everyone may be curious for the first time hear the name of "Nuoc Mooc". According to the local language here "Mooc" means "grow" that is to say water sprouting out from the earth’s worm, and the name shows a miracle thing in this tourist destination. At headwaters, everyone can admire the exotic streams with low water columns are coming up out of underground and flow into streams to blend into the blue Chay River. According to experts in exploring of British Royal after conducting a survey about the Nuoc Mooc stream's unique phenomenon said that the lake is about 90 m2.
Nothing more exciting than visitors are swung a hammocks under the shade of of trees, listen to murmuring brooks around, take a dip in the cool waters or fish and boat. Under the canopy of forest, the melodious sound of birdsong, the gently sound of flowing streams and the transient cool breeze will bring you a really relaxed and pleasant feeling.

Whether on sweltering summer days, but Mooc stream is always filled with laughter as well as cheerful frolic makes the stream becomes closer and more appealing to the visitors. Nuoc Mooc eco-tourism zone is actually unlike other tourist destinations in the Phong Nha - Ke Bang National Park, where still remains its inherently untouched and pristine features, really attracts and impresses. Poetic beauty, charming scenery, fresh air are great advantage turn this place into tourist attractions, ideal place to rest and relax for everyone coming to Quang Binh.

There are many exciting activities like zipline, water games or kayaking for you to participate. In addition, exploring dark caves is the favorite choice for those who prefer adventure games with many interesting things that you have to surprise. Of course if you loathe the adventure games on the Chay River, you can enjoy your summer trip by your own way, as taking a dip into 16-18 degrees Celsius water. The scenery and the weather here is extremely suitable for picnic with family friends so if you're planning a Vietnam family tour, then quickly list Nuoc Mooc stream in your must-visit!