Tips for first time family travelers to Vietnam with kids

25, May, 2016

Tips for first time family travelers to Vietnam with kids

You needn't think that young children will make it difficult for families on vacation. If you take the time to prepare thoroughly and care attentively, your Vietnam family tour will be fun and relaxed. This is an opportunity for children to explore the world around them. Traveling with children who are always active, you have to always pay attention to them. Vivutravel would like to share some tips for family tour with kids to Vietnam.

Bring large suitcase A favorite blanket

A pram or familiar stuffed animal to make children feel safe and protected as well as comfortable when going to a new place. It's may be quite heavy to bring, but your children will be happy and pleased with familiar items side by side. Moreover, while in Viet Nam the baby will freely explore and experience. They will have chance to draw some kind of traditional paintings like Dong Ho, learn to make pottery in Bat Trang, Hoi An, ... or buy souvenirs, then want to bring their success back home, hence need to have a big enough suitcase.

Each day should begin and end earlier

Do not get sleep or go out too late. Children had better get up early and plan to walk, go out in the morning. The child's biological clock does not withstand the changes when you take them to the crowded streets, places or museums. Setting the time and abide by the rules stringently, forcing children to tear down those bad daily habits, children will be tired, if their body is not satisfied with eating and sleeping. This does not mean that you always have to watch the clock when out of the house, that is to say you should be more flexible so that they feel comfortable in new environment.

Change the time zone might upset children

Timezone adjustment process takes several days. To limit at least its effects of changing time zones, you should select the tour that arrive in the evening to bath children, lull as the bedtime routine at home.

Eating familiar foods

Children are notoriously choosy, it's hard to be able to find enough their favorite foods as at home when you travel with children. You can call the local dishes and bring food along, called meat porridge or bread soup which they like. As for you, you can enjoy the specialties of that region without worry. What about. Also, you can bring powdered milk, porridge rice and pate for processing food for children.

tips for vietnam family tour with kids

Keeping everything similiar to at home.

When you travel, your kids's temper will be unpredictable than usual. The short day trip but far less requires the patience of children. And if the weather is bad, someone is sick or your child wants to sleep, you can quickly return to the room. 

Arrange schedule for children

After being locked in a car, plane or strollers all day, most children are upset, demand to exit. Take a walk in the park or go to the toy stores, so they can relieve pent-up energy. Also, the more children play or do activities during the day, the more they sleep well at night.

Adjustments should take a few days

Strangers and new environment can make children afraid, and follow you more than usual. In addition, the fear of the plane or car, strange beds, new foods and all these changes, will frustrate children then cry and demand more. Trying to help your child to cope with these thing. Before going out for several days, make simple explanation about what's coming. Tell them how long it take to arrive and they'll meet someone and something there. 1-year-old child can understand more than you think and older children will cope better with the changes if they do not be surprised. There must be a certain amount of time that the children feel comfortable in a new place.

Prepare for precaution drug If your baby is usually sick

You need to fully prepare the necessary drugs. Especially Vietnam climate is changable and extreme in some places, so your children are likely to sick or a mild fever. The most important thing is to save the phone number of doctors who often care for the baby to the emergency situation. You remember to bring conventional drugs like antipyretics, cough syrup, thermometer, bandages, wound disinfectant, enzyme ... Will be very useful if they are sick because of bad wether or scratched arms and legs while playing.

Find lots of fun and exciting events in the places you are traveling

In Vietnam, there are many hotels, guesthouses that have relaxation areas for children and friendly with the baby. Make a list of activities that kids will love, such as the typical tour go sightseeing royal palace in Hue, play and swim in the beautiful beaches, kayak and explore the wonderful nature of Ha Long Bay, ... or enjoy the delicious food such as bread, noodles, and cakes. Besides, you should learn about international events such as the international fireworks contest in Da Nang, Hue festival,...some fork festivals. Traveling to Vietnam with children is not a big problem, it just only requires a little bit thoughtful preparation as well as patience of parents. On these occasions, it would be better if you book a Vietnam tour packages so as to be supported in some situations.