Vietnam tour from America

31, May, 2016

Vietnam tour from America

Vietnam is both familiar and strange country for tourists from America. It is familiar because of the history that the two countries had in the Vietnam war few decades ago and many people like the war veterans still remember things that happened in Vietnam while the others like the young travel to Vietnam with curiosity. Furthermore, Vietnam is one of the world's most beautiful countries with rich culture to visit and also a developing country in Asia to find business opportunities.

Vietnam visa for US citizens
To travel Vietnam, US citizens need a visa and there are two ways to get your Vietnam visa.
1. Apply Vietnam visa at any overseas Vietnamese embassy. This is good option if the embassy is not far away from where you live.
2. Apply Vietnam visa through online. Vietnam visa on arrival is quick, reliable, convenient and cheap. Please see this website for more information.

Flights from America to Vietnam
There is no direct flight from America to Vietnam so it is advised to check the best flight schedules from your end or have a flight booking agent booked your trip.

Best time to travel in Vietnam
It is said that the best time to travel in Vietnam is from October to April. However, Vietnam is divided into three different regions (The north, the central and the south) and each region has its own beauty in different time.

Suggested Vietnam travel destinations for American
1. Ho Chi Minh city and Cu Chi tunnels
2. Vung Tau
3. Nha Trang
4. Danang has
5. Hue
6. DMZ (Vinh Moc tunnels, Quang Tri citadel, Khe Sanh, Hamburger Hill...)
7. Hanoi
8. Halong bay
9. Mountains (Northeast and Northwest)
10. Beaches (Cua Dai beach, Nha Trang beach, Mui Ne beach, Con Dao beach, Phu Quoc beach)
With 491,249 visitors to Vietnam in 2015, United States ranked 4th in the list of  top 10 International visitors in Vietnam and as predicted, more American to come in the coming time after the visit of Barack Obama - U.S. President in May 2016 when Vietnam and the United States get closer than ever.

Things to do in a Vietnam holiday
Vietnam holiday is diverse and tourists from America can choose any kind of travel in Vietnam that meet their style such as family vacation, beach break, cruise,  adventure, honeymoon, culture and history, minority, etc.

How to plan a holiday to Vietnam from America?
To save time and money, it is best to plan your Vietnam tour online through a reliable travel company in Vietnam who know best and can always customize your wishes and budget.

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