Bach Ma National Park is ideal place to discover beauty of nature

19, June, 2016

Bach Ma National Park is ideal place to discover beauty of nature

Location: Bach Ma national park belongs to 2 districts Phu Loc and Nam Dong, Thua Thien – Hue province.

Feature: This national park has beautiful sencery and extremely cool climate with abundant diverse of flora and fauna.

From Hue city, along 1A Highway about 40km south of Cau Hai town (Phu Loc district), then turn right around 19km, you will reach the Bach Ma National Park. Located in the last part of the Truong Son Bac mountain range stretching from Vietnam - Laos border out to the East sea, at the height of 1.450m above sea level. According to foreign experts, Bach Ma is one of the mountainous regions that has the most temperate climate in Dong Duong.
In natural area of 22.031ha, Bach Ma national park has upto 16.900ha primary forest. In forest there are about 1406 different species of flora including many precious woods such as parashorea, merawan giaza, castanea, mahogany, cedar and so on (many trees have diameter 80 - 100cm), and over 300 species of valuable medicinal plants like evodia lepta, stephania glabra and paris poluphylla...

Fauna in Bach Ma up to 931 species, including 83 species of mammals, including many rare species such as bear, panther, tiger, saola ... 333 species of birds, 31 species of reptiles, 21 species of amphibians, 39 species of fish, 218 species of butterflies, 178 species of leaf- eating beetles, 28 species of isoptera. In particular, the Bach Ma is the habitat of rare birds.

Go to Bach Ma National Park, visitors will have the opportunity to explore the trails with interesting nature, as the Tri Sao trail lead to Tri Sao waterfall - where many rheinardia occellat live ; Do Quyen trail leading to Do Quyen waterfalls all year round create white foam down streams; Ngu Ho trail leads to 5 adjacent lakes formed from a large stream; Vong Hai Dai trail leads to the sightseeing location on the top of Bach Ma mountain. From that point, visitors can enjoy bird's eye view of Hai Van Pass, Tuy Van mountain, Cau Hai coastal lagoon, Tu Hien Estuary, Chan May Shelter watching the East coast and magical space of Hue and Danang city at night. In addition, visitors can explore the 300m-trail through the forest, where there are many trees, many old trees with over 1m in diameter and more than 30 meters in height. Besides, Bach Ma National Park also has a orchid collection gardens- home to hundreds of orchid's species with a lot of glorious colors and unique designs.

Previously, in 1932, the French built in Bach Ma a huge resort lied at an altitude of 1,000 - 1.444m compared to sea level. The resort comprises 139 villas, markets, banks, post office, swimming pool, tennis courts and a 19km road network linking national highway 1A with Bach Ma center.
Currently, management of Bach Ma national park decided to restore ancient villas into resorts for tourists, named Do Quyen, Sao La, Kim Giao ... the villas still maintain French architecture, usually just 2 floors, with circuitous stairs and fairly wide corridors, large windows overlooking the peaks creating open space, both ancient and modern.

The most beautiful time for tourists to visit Bach Ma National Park is in summer and early autum because in this time, the air is quite cool, even a little cold of Bach Ma will make your journey of discovery becomes more poetic. Here, the beauty of landscapes allied with monuments make a separate charm extremely attractive.