Sapa homestay tour is unforgettable

06, July, 2016

Sapa homestay tour is unforgettable

Sapa is in tourism boom since the superhighway linking Hanoi - Lao Cai opened in 2015 and shortened the drive to Sapa to only 5 hours instead of 10 hours as before so traveling to Sapa is now easy, convenient and cheaper which should be a great news for all Vietnam tour operators, but it is not really.

With the new superhighway, more and more Vietnamese people choose Sapa for Summer holiday and making Sapa a less-charming town as Sapa is becoming a big construction work with many new hotels are being built, dust and noise are everywhere.

Except for the town, Sapa is still a beautiful place to visit during your Vietnam travel and if you come to Sapa, we recommend you to book our Sapa homestay tour that keeps you away from dust and noise. Furthermore, you will have the opportunities to trek through the stunning rice terraces of Muong Hoa valley, visit local ethnic family of the Black H'Mong, Red Dao or Day on the way to experience their daily life and culture.

hoemstay in sapa

The homestay is beautifully situated among the rice terraces overlooking to meandering stream and imposing mountains. At the homestay, you can join the family to work on the field, climb up the mountain to collect wood, help them cook dinner, enjoy delicious meal with rice wine before going to bed.

The homestay is suitable for all. However, it is highly recommended for family vacation as the rural village, homestay, different way of living, culture and activities during the tour can help to educate your children or make them eagerly explore the new things.

Vietnam holiday is diverse and there are always something different to visit during your trip from north to south or vice versa, but Sapa homestay tour is one of the highlights of your Vietnam holiday.