Best Family Beach Vacations in Viet Nam

15, July, 2016

Best Family Beach Vacations in Viet Nam

The pace of modern life can make it hard to find the time to really appreciate your loved ones. That's why it is so important to get your Vietnam family holiday just right. But there are too many choices for a family travel in Viet Nam and you don't know where to spend precious moments that you will all cherish for summer to come? Here, we round up the top sandy beaches for families looking to take a great holiday together, at least one of our choices for family breaks is bound to hit the right note.

*Phan Thiet - paradise of sand, sun and wind Mui Ne, Phan Thiet also attracts tourists by the golden sand dunes, vastly extending. Besides its strange charm, sand dunes are also an ideal place for children to play incredibly exciting games including sand-skating, motorcycling and flying kites. A summer trip to Phan Thiet, being cool off and delight to play, shoot pictures on the vast sand dunes will be the perfect gift for the young after a year of study.

*Having great fun summer at the My Khe Beach Being endowed with a flat sand, stretching and wide, gentle waves, warm water year-round and set light all night, My Khe is extremely safe, fit travelers of all ages. Bathing at My Khe beach, parents can ensure that their children can struggle under warm water without fear of cold. The elderly will be delight to dip in the clear blue water without worrying about billow or very weakness. Visiting My Khe, visitors can be totally comfortable to enjoy a summer vacation on the whole with your family.

*Going to Phu Yen, discover wonderful nature Phu Yen Sea is also an extremely interesting destination for tourists in this summer. Besides Xuan Dai Bay, Vung Ro Bay with romantic beaches, Phu Yen also owns an extremely unique Reef-Da Dia, is considered one of the most unique landscapes all over Vietnam. Let's try once discover Da Dia Reef, go barefoot on the stone floor looks like dishes stick out the sea, feel the noise of each wave slam into the banks ... will leave a lasting impression in the heart of tourists.

*Nha Trang- brilliant Sea on summer day Being a beautiful and hilarious coastal city, Nha Trang become full of life as ever under the summer sunshine. Once to Nha Trang, travelers will be satisfied to dip warm sea with exciting aquatic sports games, snorkeling or scuba diving or enjoying the feeling of suspending between sky and sea with the cable car trip to get to the exciting entertainment Vinpearl Land. Coming Nha Trang on sunny summer days, visitors feel all the lusty beauty of this dreamy seaside city.

*Cua Dai Beach, the underground charm of the Old Town The beach also has blue sea, white sand, sunshine and luxury resorts, modern hotels like the others but Cua Dai Beach, Hoi An possesses a unique beauty that is peace and calm as the soul of the ancient town. To Cua Dai, tourists can take a dip in the clear water so that waves blow all the tiredness as well as lie for hours on white sand to hear the shore wind. The poetic and quite space here would erase many troubles in the soul, bring to you a really wonderful summer holidays.

*Summer in Vung Tau City Only 120km from Ho Chi Minh city, Vung Tau is an ideal destination for a short day trip, in accordance with the Southern visitors have busy lifestyle, want to enlist snatch some summer days for relaxing with family. Vung Tau Sea is somewhat rustic but has well enough activities and things of entertaiment such as fun dog races, riding tandems and so on.

*Experiencing summer in Pearl Island Referring to Phu Quoc, many people think of pristine beaches, lush forests, historic monuments marking a period of arduous but heroic struggle of nation. Where Phu Quoc In addition, travelling Phu Quoc visitors also have an opportunity to experience the rustic but extremely interesting life of locals when visiting the fishing village, pearl, fish sauce, myrtle-wine production bases, and green pepper garden ... If travelers want to find a summer tourist destination to rest, relax, harmonise with nature, also learn more useful things about coastal residents's live, the Pearl Island, Phu Quoc will be a perfect destination.