Why Thailand is one of the greatest countries to travel in the world?

21, July, 2016

Why Thailand is one of the greatest countries to travel in the world?

Thailand has been famous as one of the greatest countries in the world to travel and it even turns out as a perfect option for interesting annual holidays. Its culture avoided adroitly strong influences from Western countries but still acquired new features and combined with its old traditions. That's why hidden behind skyscrapers, luxurious stores, neon lights is still a typical Thai community with farming villages, countryside areas, fishing villages and Buddhist temples. And Thailand has myriad attractions which are diversified to meet different demands of different types of clients from tropical islands, golden beaches to fantastic floating markets, colorful hill tribes, dense forests, exotic wildlife, ruined cities and glittering pagodas. Especially, you can taste delicious fresh seafood, curries, noodle, etc wherever you travel in Thailand. As below, we list again all outstanding features of Thailand travel that make it become one of the greatest countries to travel in the world.

1. Natural landscape:

Thailand is situated in Indochinese Peninsula, except for only the Southernmost that covers a part of the Malay Peninsula. That's why Thailand has a diversified terrain with plateau in the North and east, plain in the middle of the central and western mountains. With all those natural conditions, Thailand has spectacular landscapes, iconic beaches, lush mountains and charming countryside areas.

2. Temple and pagoda:

As a Buddhist country, Thailand has a lot of temples and pagodas scattering from city to countryside, from plain to hill and mountain. Especially, each temple brings its own outstanding features and great values that are very interesting for foreigners to visit.

3. Ethnic culture:

With a population of around 65 million people, Thailand has a great variety of ethnic minorities. And each group still preserves its own customs and traditions that made important contributions to Thai culture and attract tourists to come and discover.

4. Market:

Thailand in general and Bangkok in particular is well-known for its luxurious shopping malls as well as local markets selling from silks, sneakers to fighting fish and fluffy puppies. You will be surely fascinated by open-air market being full of local hipsters or by late-night wholesale flower market offering busy trading atmosphere as well as dozens of beautiful flowers.

5. Paradise beaches and islands:

Being famous for its numerous beaches with white sand, palm gardens and turquoise sea water, Thailand is always a good option for organizing family holiday, honeymoon tour or couple vacation. Besides relaxing at poetic beaches, you can join many sea sports or nightlife activities.

6. Nightlife activity:

Nightlife activities in Thailand are diversified and distinctive thanks to its combination amazing, eventful and energetic features that make a popular but interesting party scene. But don’t think that those features are representative of the whole country. Let's go and you will have charming nights in Chiang Mai or Chiang Rai instead.

7. Outdoor activity: Thailand is a country full of outdoor activities from trekking in the hills, snorkeling or diving off the beaches, rock climbing at national parks, or kayaking and whitewater rafting in rivers thanks to its diversified topography consisting of plains, rivers, beaches, hills & mountains. Then, depending on your favorite, you can easily plan fantastic outdoor activities while traveling in Thailand.

8. Cuisine: Thai cuisine is praised as one of the world's finest one and of course, one of the spiciest too that celebrates the fresh and fragrance. And thanks to its delicious and delicate cuisine, visitors always wish to extend their stay as well as to come back to Thailand for many times.