The Reasons You Should Visit Vietnam Once In Your Lifetime

27, July, 2016

The Reasons You Should Visit Vietnam Once In Your Lifetime

Vietnam not only is it one of the most beautiful places in Asia but also there are endless sites, attractions and excursions for any type of traveler. You might have such a great holiday that you won’t want to come back home. Here are the reasons you need to be in Vietnam right now.

Wonderful Destinations

Vietnam has a lot of wonderful landscapes many heritage sites honored by UNESCO such as Ha Long Bay, Phong Nha Caves - Ke Bang, ancient town of Hoi An, My Son holyland, Hue Imperial Citadel…

Famous beautiful beaches

Having a lot of fascinating beaches, some are listed in the top of the world is a luck of Vietnam. If you are planing for a Vietnam holiday, beach travel is an interesting ideal. Even if coming to Da Nang beach in order to enjoy romantic atmostphere with lover, travelling to Mui Ne or Nha Trang for a meal with fresh seafood, all of this will make a perfect journey.

Very cheap

When you decided to travel in any country, one of the most important thing that you concern is spending economically. While Vietnam is known as an travel destination for travelers who have limited budget, with the cost of living and travelling cheaper than many other countries around the world. Restaurant and hotels system in Vietnam is growing larger to cater for different tourists.

Enjoy coffee everywhere

In Vietnam, coffee is a popular beverage. You can encounter coffee shops in any corners, any streets, because many Vietnamese people are given to drinking coffee in the morning before working. Sipping a cup of coffee and looking at flow of people on the street bring about a novel experience.

The unique travel experiences

Vietnam has all the unique and interesting travel experience. By visiting and exploring the lives of ethnic families in northern mountain, or photographing the sunrise in Hoi An ... You will recognize the unexpected beauty of Vietnam with a range of emotions that Vietnam gives you.

Where is renowned for exquisite cuisine

Vietnam has many famous dishes in the world especially Pho, with excellent flavor and change according to each season, each region and with very affordable price. In areas such as Nha Trang Beach, Da Nang, Vung Tau you'll easily find delicious dishes from fresh seafood.

Unique festival

Thank to a cultural tradition lasts over thousands of year, Vietnam has quite many unique festival. Tet holiday is the most important, this is an occasion not only for family members to reunite but also to be grateful to their grandparents and ancestor. Two kinds of traditional cake are ”Chung” cake in the north and “Tet” cake of the south. Vietnam's Independence Day is on 2/9, you will see national flags hung on the street and admire firework in big cities at night.

Friendly People

Vietnamese people have been famous for great virtue, what visitors impress deeply are their friendliness and hospitality. They're always willing to help when you need, and in addition, anywhere you go, you're wellcomed by adoring smiles. Each region has a particular feature, but that's goodness of character.