Visiting Sapa in Harvest Season

29, July, 2016

Visiting Sapa in Harvest Season

Sapa is always an attractive tourist destination at any time of the year: in winter, white snow falls and cover mountains, in spring plum flowers bloom in the warm sunshine, in summer berries are ripe,and in autumn the colorful beauty of the grain, of sunshine.

Travelling Sa Pa in the fall, visitors will see Sapa deluged in the golden color of terraced fields. Around September, October, Sapa entered the "golden season", is the best time here. These brilliant, magnificent terraces as the ladder leading to the sky are always an attractive destination for both domestic and international tourists Sapa.

Not only admire the spectacular terraced fields, traveling Sapa in “harvest season“ tourists can breathe the fresh air of the autumn. A Sapa is picturesque with wildflowers blooming along the slopes hill, visitors will be immersed in the romantic nature and merge at the bustling atmosphere of the harvest season.
In the ripe rice season, Sapa's strangely quiet, peaceful. Weather in Sapa is cool all year round, daytime temperatures are between 18-25 degrees Celsius, the weather is very little rainny, visitors will experience a day with four distinct seasons and it's suitable for ecotourism journey.

Travel to Sapa in harvest season is also the ideal time for discovering Fansipan of adventurous travelers because of dry weather that's quite favorable for mountaineering. Roads to popular tourist attractions such as Cat Cat mountain village is a lot easier than before. From Cat Cat mountain village get round Sin Chai mountain village, inhabited by the ethnic compatriot-H'mong you'll be watching a lot of golden grain fields.

Along Muong Hoa valley are Cat Cat, Thanh Kim, Thanh Phu, Ta Van Lao Chai, Ta Phin mountain village ...are places having the most beautiful terraces. Beside watching the gorgeous terraced fields, tourists also experience a lot of other interesting things such as exploring Sapa famous destinations, discovering ethnic culture, enjoy delicious food.

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